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Life Transforming Sessions With Expert Healers- Healing Generational Curses

Life Transforming Sessions With Expert Healers- Healing Generational Curses

Talk to expert healers at The Holistic Living.


The poster is stuck in my room. The moment I open my eyes in the morning I can see those motivational lines in front of me. Yet, the events of my life have been shaped in such a way that these lines provoke nothing but confusion. It is true that some things are out of your control. 

Sorry. I am being too vague. Let me start by introducing myself. I am Jinisha Shah. I am currently in my early 30s and live in South Mumbai. Please save the townie jokes for later. 

I am fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family. As a child, there was nothing I could not get except my father’s love and affection. Although that was compensated by elaborate gifts, his absence always lingered deep in my heart. 

You see, my family’s relationship with men have always been complicated. At least, my mom’s side of the family. None of the women born there have experienced stable and happy relationships. 

My mother is married to a man who leaves no chance to remind her that she is under his obligation, and it would not take a second for him to throw her out of the house. Sometimes I wonder how humans live without a spine. My mother does. 

The emptiness and sadness in their marriage had scarred me heavily. I grew up with separation anxiety and a nagging feeling that my love life was a doomed affair. No wonder my relationships could never last for more than six months. Every single one left me feeling broken and suffocated. 

Then there are my aunts. One married a man who forced her to drink poison on their wedding day, and another married a man who abused her in all the ways possible for 16 years. Oh, almost forgot my grandmother. She had two marriages. Both ended in misery. 

Well, my humor is only a bleak attempt to hide my pain. Somehow, the brokenness, suppression, anger, and sadness of all these women found a place in my heart and mind. And that was for a very good reason. It was because I was meant to identify and break the generational curse that haunted my family for ages.


This is my story of deep transformation and healing I found through the guidance and support of an expert healer at Holistic Living. I would like to point out that my journey was in no way a walk in the garden. It was more like a walk through hell. But one that led me to my safe haven.

I met the expert healer on 22nd February 2020- 22/02/2020. Crazy date, right? My initial reason for meeting him was to overcome an overwhelming sense of emptiness I felt after my 4th breakup. As the expert healer and I started talking, I unraveled stories about my childhood, family, and strange incidents that had happened to me so far.

This happened for 2-3 sessions. The expert healer listened to my talks intently while I blurted out everything about my life. Surprisingly, it was easy and comfortable. I knew in my gut that the expert healer was a safe person who would understand my emotions without thinking of me as a complete crackhead. 

In the next healing sessions, the expert healer was the one who did the talking. He explained to me about generational curses, and how my situation matched all the signs. It made sense to me because all my life I had a lingering feeling that I was cursed or something. 

The expert healer cleared out my misconception. He said, “Jinisha, you are not the one who is cursed. Something happened with your ancestors. Something bad. The unresolved negative energies tied to that event have been carried from generations to generations resulting in fixated patterns. These patterns are unhealthy and the only way to free yourself from the ‘curse’ is to recognize and break these patterns”

How do I do that? I don’t even know what patterns you are talking about.

He smiled and said, “Exactly. And we are going to find out that through past life regression therapy. This therapy helps you to access your previous lives at a subconscious level. It will reveal to you all the past memories that hold a key to breaking this generational curse”

So, in the sessions that followed, the expert healer aka PLR Therapist helped me gain access to the previous lives. It was the most surreal experience of my life. I could vividly feel every detail of my previous life. Yet, I was aware of my present surroundings. 

I saw my ancestors. I saw myself as well but in a different physical appearance. In one of my previous lives, I saw myself as a fetus in my mother’s womb. The scene changed. And suddenly, there was blinding white light. As I adjusted my eyes to the light, I saw my mother lying on a blood-stained bed. 

My father was talking to the doctor.  He assured everyone that it was the right thing to do. My grandmother nodded her head and spoke about how burdensome girls are in today’s times. I was aborted because I was a girl. 

These sessions were heavy, but I had the constant support of my expert healer. He helped me understand the significance of these events, and how they had resulted in the unresolved karmic debt. He guided me to seek forgiveness and release the negative energies. That was not the end. 

At a spiritual level, I was healed. Yes, my expert healer helped me clear the karma and break the patterns but the real work had to be done by me. I had to change the toxic traits that were embedded deep within me. I could observe these traits in all the women of my family, and the only way to break free from the curse was to change what lived inside of me.

My expert healer helped me with the entire process. He provided counselling, healing, and genuine support that gradually led to my personal transformation, and degenerate the curse that was haunting my family. 

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