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Boss’ Favourite: Is That You? – 8 Ways To Strengthen Casual And Work Relations With Your Boss

Boss’ Favourite: Is That You? – 8 Ways To Strengthen Casual And Work Relations With Your Boss

bossMake a meaningful relationship with your boss and climb the ladder of progress!

In your professional career, you should have a good relationship with your boss. Whether it be a casual or work relationship with the boss or both you should try to strengthen your bond with him/her.

You should make efforts on a personal level so that your boss could understand you, what is your importance in the company, and at the time of need how you can help them. Your boss could always count you in when he/she needs you. So that you could also progress in your career and make it successful. There is job satisfaction when you have a good bond with your boss.

One year back I didn’t have a good relationship with my boss. No matter what I did but my boss wouldn’t notice me. I was very much worried that how should I impress my boss and strengthen the bond with him so that I could also achieve success. Then I came across a life coach who helped me and told me the ways and methods that how can I make a good and strong bond with him. Now I am in the good books of my boss. He always includes me in all the important meetings and discussions in the company.

So if you want to do so here are some ways in which you can become the boss’s favorite! 

  1. Synchronize with your boss: If you want to have a strong and good bond with your boss. Your and boss’s priorities must be the same for the company. Both of you should be on the same page. You should always try to learn what is your boss’s topmost agenda is. Be flexible and know that what your boss expects in terms of work performance and work hard to complete it.
  2. Be Responsive: If you are working on a project it is always good and expected that you should keep your boss updated about it. Boss’s always like those employees who are responsive and accountable towards their work.
  3. Pay attention to details: You should always pay attention to the details and especially on the small details like predicting the future trends, prepare a to-do list and prioritizing the work, etc which are important for the project. Then take your time to plan, execute it and review your work when it is completed. Over time, your boss will trust you and your bond will be strengthened.
  4. Take some time to Know your boss: You should make an effort to know your boss’s interest and talk about genuine topics like your career goals, hobbies, etc. By knowing each other you may discover the same interest or passion with the boss. Rather than having a boss-colleague strict relationship you can add richness to your work relationship by connecting at a deeper level.
  5. Maintain Confidentiality: You need to maintain confidentiality when you are signing a non-closure agreement so that you didn’t disclose the company’s information. It is always good that you should try to maintain confidentiality when you are dealing with a sensitive matter. You should have the skill to manage it tactfully so that you could win your boss’s trust even more.
  6. Always show respect to your boss: Speaking to your boss and other colleagues will impress your boss and strengthen your position in the company. Always try to respect your boss’s time and don’t do unnecessary interruptions.
  7. Take Constructive Feedback: Feedbacks are very important to make us know when and where we are making progress and where we need to correct ourselves. Getting Feedbacks provides us with an opportunity to ask questions and to have in-depth observations. It also increases your value and is impactful. Thank your boss for giving feedback and try to make the most out of it.
  8. Share Credit with your Boss: Congratulate your boss when they have accomplished something. Share and recognize your boss’s contribution when they have assisted in your success. Don’t be a credit hog but try to share it with your team members as well. Praise them and recognize their contribution. This will nurture your relationship with your boss as well as your colleagues.

These are some of the ways through which you can have a good relationship with the boss and you can become the boss’s favorite. If you nurtured this relationship plant carefully and properly, then this relationship will bear meaningful fruit and you will have your boss on your side and your team.

Want to become a boss’ favorite? Want to have a strong relationship with the boss? Here is the way to make it happen! Schedule a meeting with the experts from The Holistic Living who will assist and give you ways and methods to strengthen your bond with your boss. You can also check out the wellness store for other valuable products to help you in your life. “Happiness is working with someone amazing.”



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