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Vedic Roadmap for Attainment of Inner Peace and Happiness.

Vedic Roadmap for Attainment of Inner Peace and Happiness.

vedicHow can we enhance our Spiritual Score and its power when everything around us is uncertain – in negative mode – in emotional turmoil and we feel bizarre and surrounded by malicious energy?

This malicious energy can be jealousy of others,malefic planets,wrongful auras,negative mind of close people or a simple evil look.

We are here to discuss Powerful Ways to achieve Spiritual Strong Aura to counter the negative forces and its energy and protect from Toxic loop of Negativity.



The world we live in or are surrounded by section of peoples or society near us ,this contains a set of people with whom we have differences and disliking too . That brings the negativity in our life which is very toxic to our entire system.Negative energy is a toxin to your life system and gets accumulated and its power makes us loose control on our life.And while we often are surrounded by negativity of other , its effect on our mind and body for prolonged periods can change our personality.So negativity ultimately does no good. So how to deal with all this in a strong way and clearing this dark energy is an important strategy for your life journey smoothness.

As the Toxic elements which is released from Negative energy can make us to feel very low of energy, gloomy, dull and we feel emotionally imbalanced and deactive .Its impact directly comes on our daily life system and as a result inner body complication arises which fluctuates our harmones in the inner body through a mixed filter of fear, anger, and paranoia. As we come in grip of these negative forces our mind and body deeply start to get disturbed, mental and emotional negativity also makes tense muscles, heavy breathing, increased blood pressure, elevated levels of internal adrenalin and cortisol starts building up ,stress level increases many folds. To control and protect from these we need to be spiritually strong by our mind, body & soul and block these negative energy by Indian spiritual technology & vedic hindu holistic technique can be performed which can put a swift end to these negative vibes.


Therefore becoming and staying free from negative emotions and energy is an important aspect .Its way of control lies through adopting Indian hindu vedic healing system which make your journey a first step into holistic arena. To begin the healing process, you will need to clear negative energy from your system in order to allow positive energy to thrive.We actually need to make ourselves spiritually strong and strength to make us come out from these on daily basis by following specific hindu spiritual practices.

You can regain positive energy and get powerful inner aura & chakras to deal and counter attack the negative elements and its energy and cleanse your outer arena of soul ,inner mind get strengthen & block the vibes which come from these negative elements which prevails in our surrounding & freedom from negative energy with help of divine spiritual practices in hinduisim such as spiritual prayers , chanting cosmic mantra and scared beej mantra , pranayam and meditation, Sun and Moon prayers on accurate time, Mental worship, Deep breathing technique. All these can be adopting by vedic ways and other purification methods has to be followed to get rid of evil energies & blockages.

The more spiritually strong we become that leads us to get freedom from clutch of negative environment and give us the power to deal with such type of persons & their dark energies who carry black clouds with them full of negative energy, to attain inner peace and overcome all issue and obstacles .To get free from darkness, sadness and fear of failure, hindu spiritual ritual and prayers therapy make our vision clear and pure. Importance of meditation – pranayam – breathing technique and timely prayers purify the person and strengthen all chakras and balance them in a proper way and make inner mind remain calm and peaceful. Way of life in hindu culture needs to be followed and adopt hindu vedic ritual which opens the gateway of spiritual wellness and strengthen inner root of our soul.

Indian Vedic Technology to gain positive energy – inner peace – happiness – powerful aura to protect & remove Negative Energy :

• Vedic Spiritual Practice ( Pranayama and deep breathing, Mantra heal , Timely prayer,Invoke chakra concentration)

• Hindu Ritual (Five Elements Holy prayers on time , Ancestral days remembrance ritual, Vedic sacred mantra chanting for negative forces to get away & purification to strengthen Chakra (Practices which make balance in our mind – body and soul and helps to flush out Toxin of negative elements and leads us to Spiritual higher level)

• Vedic Action and Spiritual prayer (Hindu mantra therapy and prayer of celestial bodies Sun and Moon on certain time and on specific pure days cleanses our environment ,Block certain negative elemants and their actions, having the power to purify our mind and body and give strength to Aura)

• Adopt Hindu technique of living to counter negative forces and its impact

• Ancestral ritual for our wellwishers who became departed soul and make them powerful to counter evil forces for our protection .

• Understanding of Vedic Astral Planetary configuration of cosmic positive star


Hindu healing process recognizes certain activity , places, holy events, spiritual actions, purifiers or cleansers, having the power to cleanse Negative energy or vibration

Spend time with nature in a holistic way so that you can transform inner aura to get freshen up and lighten it by infusing positivity from the calm nature and peaceful environment , it helps to accept the tranquillity within and try to ward off negativity.Pranayama and yoga technique of specific style is the best way to make ourselves positive. Pranayama for Healthy Breathing, Satsang for Healthy Community, Behavioural and Cultural practices .Likewise Sun is a good source of positive energy and on particular time of morning Water therapy in front of rising sun reflects its rays in our body which transmits Positive energy and fills our body with vibrant energy in for the complete day .Timing for such activity is analysed by us in a Hindu vedic way .Know the procedure for these celestial body worship & prayers.

Meditation, yoga and prayanam will purify our inner body system and help in making it fully charged and active in daily routine and your body will feel inner electric vibration and spark yourself and this will ward off negative energy and make it stable for you . As few ancient vedic pranayama methods and meditation exercise and hindu way of mudras if performed helps achieve inner strength and power to combat with these negative energies and negative mind of people and ward off its evil effect . Yoga for Healthy Body,Dhyana for Healthy Mind, Pranayama for Healthy Breathing, Satsang for Healthy Community is a must to be followed.

As in hindu traditional system some ritual and spiritual activity in form of cosmic prayers in front of Sun, Moon, Sky, Water, Earth these five cosmic element make magnetic vibration and rebalance inner chakra if all these are combined together at specific astral time daily, & eventually it will make you powerful and more stronger to positivity, as these Five magnetic elements combination spark real positivity in our environment. Also the spiritual aroma of vedic chanting of scared mantras make Raksha kavach, protection layer around us.

Spiritual prayer such as Tarpanam for our loveable family departed souls to make their death day and birthday in celebration form and doing certain spiritual activity and meditation rythm to send them signal that their presence is still valuable in our life and memory .It will make them more powerful and in return they will remain in constant touch with us, eager to protect us from such evil,calamity and negative forces and send us signal in form of blessings & good luck . As in our surrounding somewhere or other there are many evil ,cunning and negative people who only want to harm us , in such type of arena ancestors blessings & power play important role .Daily such ritual helps eradication of negative energy and you get blessing from departed family souls.

In last the essence comes that we need victory over these negative flow of energies and evil vibes of others not to hurt us and not to enter in body and daily system of our life .Through Vedic technique we can make change come to in life and get inner strength in dealing with these .Hindu vedic way of life makes us reshape our life to get perfect Balance and to restore,connect,rediscover and protect from negative energies.

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