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A Beginners guide for Holistic living: 3 Steps.

A Beginners guide for Holistic living: 3 Steps.

holisticThere is no hard or fast rule to follow Holistic lifestyle. I know we all are different when it comes to our upbringing, belief systems and other environmental factors. There is no one size all fits for everyone.

Everyone have a right to customize their own lifestyles. Holistic living is not about following a particular fad or lifestyle out of trend. It’s about observing as a whole and inculcating those habits and rituals in your lifestyle taking into mind your beliefs ,habits,experiences so that you can implement your own combination of balanced Holistic lifestyle.

I too have designed my own lifestyle based on my own experiences I had. While I was parallely studying everyone’s lifestyle I found certain factors missing ,which I really feel is extremely important for all human beings to face any challenge on this earth gracefully.I have seen ,people following healthy lifestyles with regards to body, lately people have even understood the importance of mind & body practices but very often spirituality is missing. Which leaves us with a sense of emptiness inside our being, even if we have achieved all our life goals .And that is possible only through Holistic living.

Holistic living is based on the understanding that in order to live a happy & fulfilled life one’s mind ,body & spirit should be aligned in rhythm, which helps the person to live their life to their best inspite of all odds & curve balls life throw at them.

If you are someone new to this lifestyle or don’t know where to start, let me help you with some basic tips for you to start working on your mind, body & spirit. The very first thing before we start living a holistic life is your preparedness from your own observation and mindfulness as a whole and not just body. Also the more you are living a life full of awareness of yourself & your surrounding as a whole the more spirituality connected you will feel . So these are some basic qualities one should imbibe in order to design your own customized Holistic lifestyle.

Few of the basic general tips which will really help you start on this journey can be categorized under 3 elements of Holistic living.


We all are practically aware of the importance of our health. But once you mindfully ,start observing your body as a whole you will start eating mindfully. For E.g food that we eat is nutrition for our entire body,so what we eat is broken down on cellular level. If we mindfully take care of what we put inside our body,we will start living a life of overall well-being. Like going consciously for organic & healthy food and not processed items.


It is extremely crucial to cultivate a healthy mind, as our mindset decides our actions eventually. So observing our emotions, moods & thinking patterns help us analyze which practices you can implement in your daily life. Gratitude is one of the universally practiced ritual,as in spiritual sense it actually means awareness of the value of life. This is a wonderful way for beginners to start living a holistic life on mind & spiritual level .


Living spiritually is not about following religion or being religious, it’s about living your life aligned with your core values, and discovering your purpose in life which includes meaningful contributions for over all wellbeing of the world or nature. Few of the ancient practices which is almost 5000 years old,originally from India itself is Yoga ,which includes mindful breathing & asanas.Also meditation which helps you evolve spiritually as your mindless chatter of worldly thoughts come to a halt ,while you sink in your real self ,emerging and growing as wise & righteous humanbeing .

Holistic living is more aligned with the laws of nature ,unlike other lifestyles which we inculcate on intellectual level which are more aligned with our modernized man-made luxuries and inventions.

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