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Therapy Helps You Realize That The Magic Has Always Been Within You!!

Therapy Helps You Realize That The Magic Has Always Been Within You!!

When does therapy become important? We all try our best to overcome the difficulties that life throws at us. However, at times we find ourselves surrounded by problems from all sides. In such times it is very human to lose hope and feel depressed. This is the point where an expert psychologist can take your hand and help you come out of the darkness. They do this by awakening the strength and wisdom that has always been within you and using therapeutic techniques that equip you to manage life issues more effectively.

A unique charm surrounded Ms. Suman Khanna, and every word that she spoke was clear and direct. I, the editor of  Holistic Living, felt more like the audience than the host, trying to take in all the valuable information and tips she shared during the interview. Her intellect and experience were clearly shining through the screen and I instantly knew that this was going to be an engrossing conversation.

Therapy with Ms Suman Khanna


So, Suman, could you tell me a bit about yourself?

I am a Counselling Psychologist with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. I have further pursued intensive training in RECBT from Morphic Minds affiliated to Albert Ellis Institute the USA and CBT training from Beck Institute USA.

What is your expertise?

My specialization is catering to adults and adolescents to overcome their psychological and emotional difficulties. My area of expertise is people struggling with anxiety, overthinking depression, OCD, Work stress, balanced relationships, and others.


What areas do you focus on?

I focus on many life issues that are now pretty common. My major focus, however, is on resolving depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, and Relationship Issues.

How long have you been working as a psychologist?

I have been practicing for 3 years. In addition to that, I have worked as a visiting faculty in various institutes. At present, I have launched a holistic center for counseling named the Mind Unwind.

What inspired you to become a psychologist? 

I was always passionate about psychology. I see myself as an empowered and strong individual ready to make a positive impact in the lives of people around me. With adequate training and natural ability, I have excelled in my communication and interpersonal skills. I  am completely empathetic and compassionate towards people from all walks of life.

What difference does therapy make in someone’s life?

Therapy helps individuals to confront challenges and take complete control of their lives while enriching themselves to dwell deeper into themselves. It offers a safe environment for you to talk about problems and anything that’s overwhelming for an individual. An experienced and trained therapist will never give you advice but rather help you find the answers to your thoughts.

Therapy helps you live a happy life
<em>Life Is Beautiful<em>

In what situations should someone approach you?

Apart from experiencing enhanced emotional conditions – anyone can approach a therapist where one needs a systematic approach to achieve any goal in life. Therapy helps you explore potential challenges and helps you to achieve your desired outcome

Could you share some tips on how to manage relationship anxiety?

Relationship anxiety is extremely common. We all have felt a little insecure about our relationships, especially in the early stages. But sometimes these thoughts become disturbing and become a part of our daily life. Researches express this anxiety into symptoms like constant reassurance from the partner, overthinking, and doubting the partner. One way to overcome this is to have an open conversation with the partner. But if you feel that this is not helping your relationship it is advised to take professional help. The therapies that work for relationship anxiety are CBT for couples, behavioral couple therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Please share a personal experience where you guided your client to bring about a significant change with your sessions.

I have helped clients in the age group of 7 – 60 years of age – across multiple issues like anxiety, childhood traumas, and depression. We have seen drastic changes in the client’s behaviors in the first 3 months of therapy. Today they are leading independent lives and handling their obstacles with scientific skill sets learned from therapy.

I really liked how she used ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ emphasizing the fact that therapy involves combined efforts and a solid therapeutic relationship between the client as well as the therapist.

What is your take on online consultation in comparison with offline?

Online Therapy provides mental health support from any part of the globe. For e.g. I have been working closely with clients based out of multiple cities in India, and other countries through online sessions. The online platform also provides opportunities for individuals to connect with the therapist within their network, convenience, and timelines.

Any myths or stereotypes about therapy that you want to address?

Myth 1 – Psychotherapy is only for mentally weak or emotionally weak people. This is not true. Therapy is for everyone who needs to empower themselves to make the right decisions in any walk of life. – As a mother, father, wife, boss, sister, husband, brother, friend, work colleague, or an associate.

Myth 2 – Therapy can draw quick results in 1 to 2 sessions – This is not true – Therapy generally lasts between 8- 15 sessions depending on the condition of the individuals.

Myth 3 – Therapist will give me precise answers or advice to my doubts – Not True – Therapy will empower you to make the right decisions without any external guidance or validations.

Myth 4 – Psychologists will give medicines – Not True – Counselling can be the cure for most problems without medication.

Anyone message to your audience?

Most importantly I would like to say that at any stage of our lives we need an expert who can help us diagnose the root cause of our behavior and overcome any obstacle that prohibits us to achieving our dreams, goals and leading a fulfilling life at its true potential. Therapy is not just linked to any significant disorder or behavior; therapy is for everyone. On a day-to-day basis, we encounter multiple simple situations that sometimes drain us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Through a scientific, detailed path the therapist can empower you to make the right choices and make those small changes that will make a huge difference in your lives and individuals around you.

Connect With Certified Psychologist, Ms. Suman Khanna.

Holistic Living Editor’s Note: I admire the relentless belief of Ms. Suman Khanna and her consistent efforts in normalizing therapy and helping her client to overcome their issues and achieve their desired outcome. I have no doubt that with more professionals like her, the concept of mental health would be accepted by all of us so we can create much happier and healthier lives for ourselves.


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