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Suman Khanna I Psychotherapist I Career Counselor

  • Brief Description:
    Counseling Psychologist & Career Counsellor
  • Credentials:
    ➡️ Masters in Clinical Psychology ➡️ Trained In RECBT - Morphic Minds ➡️ Trained In Transactional Analysis ➡️ Trained in Anxiety and OCD from Beck institute of Cognitive Behavior Therapy ➡️ Certified Career Counselor
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday-Saturday (12-6pm)
  • Testimonials:
    — I was going through a weird phase where everything felt confusing, I was not happy and saw negative in everything. It affected me on both, personal and professional level. I spoke to a few people and someone suggested to meet a psychologist as this might be depression. I connected with Ms Suman as two people had recommended her. Talking to a therapist is hard as you are required to open up on personal front, which you might not be sure is the right thing to do or not. However, her approach towards my sessions helped me clear a lot of issues that were going on in my mind. There was always an end goal that we would focus on achieving at the end of the session. Her questions will make you think in a different perspective and we would achieve the desired goal. Every session led to an end result that solved a particular issue leading to the cause of depression and the next session would start with identifying the answers to the next problem. Thank you for the support Mind Unwind 😊

Suman Khanna – Counseling Psychologist/Career Counselor-

Ms. Suman Khanna provides counseling services to age group from adolescents to adults and specializes in Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD and helps in overall emotional well-being.

She comes across as a very empathetic individual. Her experience lies in assessing and evaluating individual problems using in-depth case history and helps them to take complete control of their lives and enriching themselves to dwell deeper into oneself.

Her other area of expertise is Career Counselling. She conducts a comprehensive career counselling program which helps 8th,9th and 10th graders to help choose the right career.


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