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10 Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Getting Work Done Now!

10 Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Getting Work Done Now!

Do you find it nearly impossible to stop procrastinating?Have you found yourself panicking to finish a task just before the deadline more than 3 days in a week?

The thoughts that run through your mind are: why could not have I done this earlier? I so wish I had started earlier. Why do I always do this? etc. and you just vow to yourself every time, that you will not let this happen again. But you find yourself in the same situation yet again, very soon.

This could mean two things: either it is anxiety, depression, ADHD, or OCD (perfectionism), or you have gotten yourself caught in the vicious cycle of procrastinating.

Some people tend to work efficiently under pressure or at the last moment. However, this is not an excuse to put yourself through the stress and anxiety to get through the task assigned. Doing things at the last moment not only causes inconvenience but makes you anxious and causes a negative association of work or study to stress. This stress eventually piles up and can cause other problems like hypertension, in the long run.

Read ahead for some tips to break the cycle of procrastination.

  1. First, you need to forgive yourself to let go of this habit. Understand that forgiveness is important for commitment.
  2. Start with making a to-do list each day. Commit yourself to completing this list every day. Do not overload yourself and set realistic goals.
  3. Start the process of positive reinforcement. Reward yourself every time you resist the urge to procrastinate, after completing the task of course!
  4. Set reminders or ask someone to keep a check on you. Tell your partner, parents, or a friend to call and make sure you are working.
  5. Complete tasks as soon as you get them. Do not keep adding them to a list until you run out of time and start panicking.
  6. Keep telling yourself that you enjoy what you are doing. Do not think of it as an obligation or compulsion.
  7. Restrict the number of distractions around you. Try to keep social media or television away from yourself during the time you have dedicated for work or study.
  8. Finish up the unpleasant or tasks which require more effort, first. Keep the little ones for later. Invest your energy in the bigger tasks first to make sure you complete before you get exhausted.
  9. Take breaks. Take short breaks after an hour or so. Do not use that time for scrolling social media or doing anything which will get you to go off track again. Take a walk or a power nap and reenergize yourself during that time.
  10. Organize the things around your work desk. Decluttering can make you think clearly and stay more focused.

Productivity can be enhanced by following certain tips. Always try your best to stay consistent with them. At times if you fail, consider it as a part of the process. Bringing a change requires time. Give yourself the time and space to outgrow a bad habit like procrastination. Celebrate your achievements and appreciate yourself every time you overcome the urge to procrastinate!

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