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Spiritual Life & the Inner Self: 5 Tools of Connection

Spiritual Life & the Inner Self: 5 Tools of Connection

inner selfHave you been thinking about your spiritual life lately? Do you want to explore your inner self? this article might help you.

The world that is today, is about speed. Rush to the job, meet deadlines, tension, the anxiety of dealing, challenges, proving our self to others, catering to the expectation of family members, of the workplace, friends, the social media …everyone else, except our own selves. There is someone waiting endlessly for our attention, and that is our own inner self. It is the true self, the unique real self which resides inside each one of us. We can connect with this inner self by starting to pay more attention to and begin to cultivate a spiritual life.

When we connect with our inner self and become aware of the truth inside, it changes our perspective on life, it liberates us from our old self, it changes the attitude with which we were going about life as we realise our own power. Fear reduces, forgiving our own self and others become spontaneous. We feel much more collected and in touch with our spiritual life.

There is no set process to get in touch with the inner self.  However, there are some ways in which we can allow time to delve into our spiritual life, on a daily basis.


Easy Positive Ways to connect with your inner self and strengthen your spiritual life.

  1. Firstly ask me, “Do I love myself?” It is a big question and a popular topic. Self-love starts from completely accepting who we are. It is not selfish to love one’s own self. Though it may be a difficult question to tackle and one may feel it is narcissism.  But the fact is that it is of utmost importance to embrace ourselves, else how can we expect everyone to accept and love us? Also, it’s the key to the inner self.


  1. Quietening the mind and being alert to the answer from within is essential. The inner self does not lie, it lovingly talks to us so we need to be open to hearing it, be aware, and understand it. Accepting one’s own self physically, mentally, and emotionally makes us a calmer person. Befriending our own self helps us to hold our own hand and walk life’s path, rather than always looking outside for love, appreciation, validations, etc.


Meditation is an important element of spiritual life and can be a good way to reach the inner self. Relax, take a few deep breaths, focus all your senses, and go within. Just be in that moment with self, sit still and quiet like an angler, and wait. You are sure to feel the tug and an array of things will reveal to you the true essence of yourself. Regular practice to build up the rapport with the true inner self unfolds life in a happier and better version than before.


  1. Many people chant mantras to gain focus and get centred to reach the inner space. It can be a simple chanting of OM, some other Vedic mantra, or an affirmation. It just is a tool to focus and bring centeredness. Mantras intrinsically have a positive calming effect on us.


  1. The process is also about indulging in things that actually make us happy, it might be as simple as a journaling of thoughts, going for a run, singing, or any other such things which expand our awareness about our true inner beauty. Nurturing a hobby is a good way too.


  1. Saying thank you to your loved ones for something which he/she does every day to contribute to our life and being grateful for each thing we have and are being given spontaneously make life a celebration.


  1. Allow yourself the luxury of having a meal of your favorite dishes as a treat for yourself, once in a while. It conveys the message of love to one’s inner self and sends a signal to the Universe that we are grateful.


The journey inwards to your spiritual life and spiritual self can be turbulent as on the way we come across many unaddressed issues. To acknowledge those unaddressed issues, the hurt, the frayed relationship, etc. as a part of our self, to be aware of it, accept it and heal it by lovingly releasing it to the universe makes life lighter and helps us to get a step ahead in meeting our true self.


When we engage our spiritual life it beautifully manifests in helping us to ‘live’ every moment of our worldly life to the fullest and not merely go through the moments of the day. Life automatically becomes a celebration.  It does not take big things to celebrate life’s gifts, rather it takes small things which we can do every day to keep our mood, energy, vibration filled with happiness and joy.

Being aware of the beauty of each moment that we are spending in a day and acknowledging the brilliance of that moment helps us to celebrate life.

Small things like rewarding our own self every day with something we like to do, be it playing the guitar, playing a certain sport, solving that crossword puzzle, and such other small indulgences are big things which make one celebrate life. Celebrating life requires to unleash the inner child within us. Visit our website to get expert help.

Easy does it!..and the more we are in this mode, the more we become open to receiving the joys of life. Nothing then seems a struggle as everything is seen with a sparkle to it. Life then just flows in a constant celebration.

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