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Happiness comes from within – You have the Power

Happiness comes from within – You have the Power

Practicing self-love at times gets tough and challenging. There are situations that force us to be really harsh on our own selves. Being narcissistic with one’s own self does not make sense at all especially since self-motivation is the key to success. It is essential that you take a break and celebrate yourself, celebrate the inner being that gives you an inexplicable joy.

The popular American singer rightly quotes, “Happiness comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy.” Happiness is an inner state and more than any situation or a person. So, why are we not happy when it is under our authority to be happy? It’s because it depends on various factors including your perspective, focus on life, and lack of positive approach towards life.

Here are simple ways that will teach you to be happy:

Happiness is not achieved; it is experienced:

How often you have sacrificed your time focusing on attaining something, thinking it will give you happiness once you attain it. But when you attain it, you feel transitory happiness and all those expectations of experiencing happiness fizz out in a very short time. Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey. When you set a goal, enjoy every moment of the journey while you strive to attain it.

Ensure you get a good start to the day:

Make sure you start your day by writing something meaningful or even a gratitude note in your personal diary. Don’t anxiously fret over personal issues or bitter experiences with colleagues at the workplace. In the end, everything is healed. Start your day yourself with something really good or past achievements about your life. It really makes a wonderful way to stay motivated.

Start taking care of yourself every day:

If you are happy then you can make others happy and share the joy. Neglecting self-care affects your health and mood. So, sort your life by understanding the needs of your body, taking time to relax a bit, staying healthy, and not stressing about petty things. This will also help develop self-love and shift your focus on finding ways to keep yourself happy.

Live in the present moment to experience inner happiness:

Happiness is not a planned event, it is simply experienced. Take a break for yourself and enjoy the moment. Most of the time we are either worrying about the next moment or either contemplating about past events. This only shifts your focus from the present moment which might have so much in store for you.

Stay around positive people:

Negative and positive people influence your state of mind over a period of time. So it is best to avoid people who often keep whining and don’t do anything to change it. Rather surround yourself with people who have a positive approach towards life. This will increase your probability of becoming more joyful and successful in life.

Celebrate your body and love your inner nature:

Never ever undermine your body because you might not have gotten the best body or the perfect skin but the beauty of life is in celebrating those little things that you enjoy doing. Nature has given us everything in perfect order. Go out, help people, play with kids, try a new recipe, donate clothes, be a helping hand at an NGO. That’s your inner nature. That is what the world celebrates about you.

 Celebrate life, appreciate and be grateful for smaller things:

A small child is cheerful because he celebrates even the smallest happiness, be it climbing a sofa. Simply start celebrating achievements even if it is small like resisting your procrastination and completing a task. Be grateful for the man who opened the door for you. Appreciate the effort your friend put it to buy you a surprise birthday gift.

 Learn to be in a happy state of mind:

Make a practice of noticing and focusing on things that make you happy. So first shed your habits of complaining, worrying about the future, or doubting a negative result. Instead, be hopeful while being practical at the same time. Observe things that make you happy, pen down even small moments that made you happy and hold onto that feeling of pure joy.

Practicing habits that encourage positivity:

Often certain habits act as a powerful medium to help us stay happy. Exercising, sound sleep, eating healthy and meditation naturally have a positive impact on your life. They help your body and mind to distress negativity and refresh you from within.

 Give your best and begin your journey of happiness today!

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