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Life Coaching can help you Find Your Purpose

Life Coaching can help you Find Your Purpose

Finding your life purpose, your true calling can be difficult… a life coaching might be what you need to find your way!

Wouldn’t it be great if you woke up with a positive feeling that you will spend the whole day doing what you love the most and went to bed at night with your heart completely content? For most people, having such a feeling is just a dream. But those enjoy harbouring such feelings are the people who have discovered and responded to their ‘calling’, a natural call from within. They have found their life purpose.

Jonas Salk, an American physician, medical researcher, and virologist, once said: “To become devoted to a calling, to have a sense of responsibility and to have hopes and aspirations are all part of being human. To have no calling, no sense of responsibility, no hopes or aspirations, is to be outside of life.” Realising one’s life purpose is a natural part of the human being. How to discover one’s inner calling then?

As children, we often dream about our future lives… what our career will be… where we will live, and even what kind of family we wish to have. Children, as they should, have many dreams, goals and passions, but somewhere along the way of growing up, these valuable treasures are lost… focus shifts to making a living and moving ahead in the world. We tend to lose sight of our purpose, and we even lose sight of how to discover it again. Here is where life coaching comes in.

Through the process of life coaching, your coach will help you understand a few truths about human life, as well as guide you on how you can explore the many possibilities that could be your life purpose.

It takes time. Maybe a lot of time. Be patient.

Not everyone is like Mozart who began composing the legendary music from the age of five. As all the fingers are different from each other, we humans undoubtedly differ from each other in all aspects. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, once said, ‘The very important thing you should have is patience.’ It is absolutely relatable as in reality most of us are not Mozart because we put a lot of effort to find our true calling or life purpose.

Life coaching is not a short term process, and results will not come quickly. Patience becomes key to making the most of this journey and truly discovering what your passions are.

Small successes are fine. The ultimate dream wants you to find that diving calling.

Passing an exam, cracking an interview, convincing a hard head, buying a dream phone, or getting asked out by your love interest certainly fills you with positivity but it does not give the real contentment. A person who once dreamed about being a TED speaker becomes completely content when he actually delivers the talk at TED. To achieve that, you must have focused on it while going through small successes and failures along the way. There are studies that have shown that knowing your life purpose may add seven years of life expectancy.

While keeping an eye on the larger goal, your coach will be there with you to celebrate all your successes, no matter how small. Life coaching is goal oriented, and in this process you will identify and target many small goals along the way to your ultimate goal.

life purposeTake an hour for yourself. Be alone. Time to introspect.

There is a difference between being ‘alone’ and being ‘lonely.’ The latter means a state of mind you develop amid the crowd, being unnoticed by others whereas the former means a state of mind you cultivate for yourself. You want to be away from the hustle and bustle and introspect. This actually helps you see your actual position through the layers of definitions, perceptions, and ideas that you have built under the influence of external factors.

Be alone maybe on the terrace, on the balcony, or at a quiet place and ask yourself questions as to how you feel about life; are you happy with your career choices? If yes then fine. If no then why? Do you have people supporting you? If yes then fine. If no then why? What is that you ultimately want to do in life? Ask. Ask and ask.

Through life coaching, you will be supported when facing such powerful questions. Although the journey within is your own, your coach will be a guiding light.

Don’t be dumb to say NO when an opportunity arises

One of the human frailties is that a person goes on dreaming and building castles in the air but when the real opportunity knocks on the door, he cringes back fearing the failure! This is absurd and it shows his real position. Never be like that. When an opportunity comes sought or unsought, you must take it up. In the Mahabharata, Arjuna had got the opportunity to reclaim his wealth.

Although he was unwilling to take it up, he was chastised by Krishna for not grabbing it. One tends to feel an unexplained fear and feel increased heartbeats when the opportunity stares in the eye. Go get it and leap out of your comfort zone!

Your life coach will help you find and make the most of your inner drive, and keep you motivated as you strive to grab every opportunity by the horns. Life coaching aims to help people improve the quality of their lives.

Get into that zone

If you really to mark your name in your field, you need to get into that ‘zone’.  For instance, if you want to open a pet shop, it won’t happen just because you love dogs. You need to understand the economics of running such a shop. You need to approach people already established in this line. If you want to be a standup comic, you need to read about it, watch videos of popular comics, read about their career, start following them. Once you do this, start asking yourself questions on this. Introspect. Stick to it despite negative feelings caused by circumstances. Life coaching is exactly what can help you get into that zone!

Never give up.

These three words are so powerful that they can reverse everything and set you back on the right track again. Even it took billions of years to see natural elements like mountains, rivers, soil, etc. to get in shape. If you are mean to be what you want, you will get your calling no matter what. It will call you and you will vault over any obstacles presented by the circumstance. The only attitude you would need is to Never Give Up.

Remember, there’s nothing as delighting and inspiring as finding out your life’s purpose. It is one of the greatest healings for all of your issues in life because the purpose takes you off other trivial issues and seeks your complete attention. Thinkers, psychologists, philosophers, and other intellectuals have been studying the people who have on the strength of their rediscovered life purpose changed thousands of lives across the globe.

A person’s life purpose is the goal that fosters a sense of goodness in them as well as others around them. Such goals can potentially change your life and the lives of many as well.

Have you got your life purpose? Have you got your calling? Or you haven’t yet and are seeking to find one? Let us help you! If you think you have put in your best in life but somewhere in your heart you are feeling an empty space or if you want to live a purposeful life, Life Coaching is the solution for you! Let our coaches – Mind, Body, Health, Soul, Work, Family, Relationships, Wealth, Lifestyle & Travel, guide you in the discovery of higher goals.

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