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7 Tips for a Soul Bond With Your Partner

7 Tips for a Soul Bond With Your Partner

Sow and germinate the seed of a healthy soul-bond

A soul bond refers to one where two individuals feel they are linked on a deeper level in a significant or extraordinary way.

Finding that special somebody who is both your best friend and soul mate, is truly one of the foremost fulfilling experiences you can have. Cultivating the perfect relationship with the right person is not a cake-walk, but relationships rooted in a spiritual connection have a higher chance of survival and satisfaction as there is a mutual focus on supporting one another on the path of life.

My best friend and her partner had faced several problems at the beginning of their marriage but with conscious efforts and application of the below steps, they evolved as a beautiful couple and manifested a soul bond. A successful relationship requires equal effort by both partners. From strengthening your mind, body, soul, and heart connections to making your relationship more of primary concern, here are some ways to level-up your relationship and take it from regular to a soulmate level.

  1. Work on Making Your Heart, Soul, Mind, & Body Connections Stronger.
    In order to make your relationship a soulmate-type of love, you can make your heart connection stronger by being loving, gentle, and doing good things for each other. Make your soul bond stronger by doing life-confirming activities together like yoga. Strengthening your mind connection can be as simple as communicating effectively and having deep meaningful conversations.
  1. Have Meaningful Conversations.
    Share with him or her your own viewpoints and then ask them where they stand in their beliefs, goals, and practices. Find out what is important to him or her and understand the reasons behind it. This does not mean you have to be precisely the same in your thoughts, beliefs, and practices, but there should be enough similarity that you are on the same page.
  1. Find A Balance Between “Me” And “We”.
    Maintaining a sense of identity as both individuals and as a couple is key when it comes to a compatible relationship. Soulmate partnerships are about maintaining that balance between being me and being we. Maintaining a firm sense of self and watching your partner do the same creates an understanding relationship of two strong, independent individuals.

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  1. Make Your Relationship A Priority.
    Contrary to common belief, a soul bond or soulmates do not usually just happen. But with the right ways like making the relationship a priority, an ordinary relationship can develop into one of the soulmates. Making your relationship a priority is about knowing you have each other’s backs no matter what comes may. It is about holding boundaries with third parties like extended family members who might want to intrude and about keeping your commitments to your partner and to yourself.

5.Compromise your way into a happy relationship.
Relationships require making choices. The choices you make in your relationship can escalate it from regular to soul bond level. My sister Kirti wanted to take a trip to the mountains but her husband Ayush wanted to visit a beach. After weighing the pros and cons of both the places, they decided to take a trip to the mountains. Later at a party, Ayush told me that being with his wife was more important to him than the place they were visiting. This compromise made Kirti feel very special.

Making a gesture where you place importance on the other person and their emotional desires (without compromising your own values or self-worth) can be an excellent way to take your soul bond to the next level. This shows that you are willing to compromise to make the relationship go the distance.

6.Take Risks for Your Relationship.
Risk and vulnerability are two prime things needed in order to level-up your soul bond. I remember when my partner went all-in and flew himself to Delhi just to see me. Less than two weeks later, I flew to Mumbai to visit him. I knew he was all-in for this relationship which made it less risky for me to go all-in too. A month later, knowing he was totally committed to me, I told him that I felt the same without any anxiety because I knew we were on the same page.

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  1. Create Time for Regular Intimacy.
    Another vital and very relevant practice is the act of intimate connection. Initiating and maintaining intimacy in your relationship allows you to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual realms. The energy that flows throughout the various layers of your being gets ignited and merges as one when you engage in intimate experiences with your partner.

Forming a spiritual connection with your partner can be one of the most rewarding and calming things you do. With dedication and focus on where you are placing your attention and intention, you can create something really spectacular like a soul bond. A lot of effort, understanding, forgiveness has to come in from both people to work together as a team.

To know more about how you can build a lasting relationship you can take advice from specialized relationship experts and coaches on The Holistic Living. We also have books on how you can build a soul bond in our Wellness Store and blogs on the same topic in the Wellness Academy.

Always keep in mind that no individual is ideal by themselves. We all have our own imperfections. If you can overlook them and love your partner you too can form your soul bond and become soulmates.

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