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Get Into Your Dream College Abroad With These 7 Tips

Get Into Your Dream College Abroad With These 7 Tips

Do not let go of your wish to get into the dream college abroad!

Do you have a dream of studying abroad? We all somewhere want to experience studying abroad. It gives us a new life and opportunity to encounter people from all walks of life. It helps us to become independent and live our life on our own. With all these dreams in my mind, I had shortlisted some universities abroad, one of them being the Princeton University. I did thorough research and had applied to 5 colleges.

As I was new to all this, I was in utter confusion as to what to do next. Then I came across a career counselor from The Holistic Living Platform who guided me through every step I had to take and I finally got into the Princeton University. A new country, with so many new experiences, awaited me. You can also be in my shoes and confront this amazing feeling. I had followed some very simple steps while submitting my application and giving the interviews. Listed below are some of them which will surely help you.

  1. Academics are essential:

To get into any college abroad, academics are immensely important. Good grades do matter and decide which college you will be getting in. One of my friends had applied to Princeton University with me but could not get into, because her English Grades were not good. Now, if you are trying to get into your dream college abroad, make sure you get good grades in every subject. I would personally recommend you to get coaching for SAT or ACT as these will hold incredible worth.

  1. So are extracurriculars:

Extracurriculars are important for your college admissions abroad, the same way academics are. So, if you have any activity that you like, start participating in events related to that. You must have played some kind of sports so you can start participating in sports events as well which will add to your resume and nudge you further in the way of getting accepted into your dream college.

  1. Do thorough research:

While choosing your dream college, do not forget to make a thorough research in every aspect. You should choose a place which suits you, and you should find a location to stay if not staying in the hostel. When I decided to apply to Princeton, I made sure that New Jersey’s weather suited me and the environment fit me. I also made sure that I knew about the university and what facilities it is offering. The charges for rooms for the on-campus housing and every such information. It really helped me to get to know the university better and prepare myself to go there.

dream college

  1. Try for a scholarship:

If you are facing financial issues while getting into your dream college and rates for the bridge courses are also too high, try getting a scholarship. It will reduce your burden of financial issues and you can get into your dream college.

  1. Get your resume right:

As we all know, colleges have thousands of applications to go through. They shortlist candidates for interviews on the basis of resumes. So, make sure that you make a not-so-long resume but it should include all your strengths, achievements, weaknesses, etc. The resume should be on-point so that it stands out from the rest and the university can at once shortlist you.

  1. Connect to seniors:

One way you might get help in your dream college admissions abroad is a Letter of Recommendation. Start connecting and talking to your teachers about this. Start telling them about your plans and career aims because an LoR is very important to get a college.

Not only teachers from your previous life but start knowing about teachers who you are going to meet in future life. No one wants to be in the bad books of teachers, especially in a new college life. You can also know better about the university and its campus from the alumni of the same. In a nutshell, start connecting with every senior of yours and get to know your university better!

  1. Work on your personality:

No college would like to have a student who is not confident and positive. Your personality defines you and during interviews the way you present yourself decides your fate. When I was giving my interview, I made sure of answering every question smartly and confidently. Even if you are nervous, do not let it reflect on your face. Interviews are the biggest hurdles to cross and your personality can make a huge difference there. Start working on it now and you will be in a college, abroad, soon.

dream college

I got into Princeton University by following each and every tip mentioned above. You can also take the help of a counselor, the way I did. The counselor had helped me to clear every step including the interview perfectly. I would like to add that if in any case, you do not get into your dream college, never be disheartened. Remember there were probably thousands of applicants, and there are more good colleges out there.



If you still think that you need help to get into your dream college, there is a solution for you. Book yourself an exclusive session with one of the career counselors at The Holistic Living and get into your dream college, abroad soon! You can also check up their blog section and wellness store which houses numerous wellness products. WISH YOU A HAPPY COLLEGE LIFE!

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