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Online Tarot Reading Will Give Answer To Your Love Queries | Verified Tarot Readers, 100% Trusted

Online Tarot Reading Will Give Answer To Your Love Queries | Verified Tarot Readers, 100% Trusted

Online Tarot Reading- Holistic Living

It has been six years since Deepveer and I got into a relationship. Six years of love, friendship, and many ups and down, but we grew together through it all. Naturally, there comes a time in your relationship when you plan to settle down and get married. Deepveer and I were eager to do the same.

I guess, fate had other plans. Deepveer belonged to another caste which was strongly disapproved by my brother. To give you a little context here, I belong to an orthodox Marathi family, and Deepveer is a true Bengali. My family consists of me, my brother, and my mother. My father passed away when I was very young and the responsibility of running the house fell on the shoulders of me and my brother.

We do not share a healthy and normal sibling relationship. At times I feel my brother is my worst enemy who is born on this earth for the sole purpose of making my life a living hell. He verbally abuses me, emotionally tortures me, and physically we both engage in fights.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I cannot live separately from my brother. We are forced to tolerate each other’s presence every single day.

When I told my brother about Deepveer, he bluntly rejected our relationship and walked away from the conversation. After that, I faced many silent treatments and long lectures from my family members. However, I knew Deepveer was a good person, and there was no way I would let him go without putting on a fight.

Many months passed by and there was no change in our situation. My brother was adamant about creating problems between us and made it quite clear that if I go ahead with the marriage then Deepveer and I should be willing to bear the consequences

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I believe my brother is not right in his head. He has fits of anger, narcissistic behavior and a problematic temper. My mother often coerced him to get married himself and settle down but he has shown no interest in the prospect of a marriage. I wonder if that is why he is creating obstacles in my life.

By this time my mind was full of confusion and anxiety. On one hand, Deepveer’s family was pressuring him into marriage, and on the other my family was forcing me to drop the idea of marriage. In all this, Deepveer and I were the ones suffering the most.

When life is a mess and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel then we become desperate to gain clarity and guidance on what to do next. I was sailing in the same boat hence I decided to seek online tarot reading to get answers to my love life.

Was I fighting a losing battle?

I booked a session of online tarot reading with expert tarot card reader at Holistic Living. My heart was pounding and I was nervous about the outcome.

The soothing voice of the tarot card reader calmed my nerves and she assured me that the tarot will help me to find peace of mind and choose the right path. 

She seemed professional and had great expertise in astrology, tarot reading, and other spiritual practices. I almost expected her to be dressed in thousand beads and crystals but she came in wearing a simple kurta.

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First, she asked me my name and my birth date and time. From that brief information, she could understand that there is the presence of a strong male member who is bringing negative energies into my life.

Spot on!

I told her that it was accurate and that the male member was my brother who has been creating issues in my love life.

The tarot reader then asked the name and birthplace of my brother, and what day and time he was born. She used this information to understand the nature of my brother and see if there was any scope for a change of heart.

The expert tarot reader explained to me that my brother was born at a heavy time, and has the influence of Mars which is considered to be strong and powerful. The heat of this planet is reflected in my brother’s personality. With regular chants and prayers, it was possible to tone down his anger, but a complete change of heart seemed doubtful.

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The expert tarot card reader using the information guided me to go ahead with the marriage with or without my brother’s approval. Noticing the worry on my face she asked me if there was any fear or hesitation in doing so.

I confided in her that my brother has given violent threats if I get married to Deepveer and has warned me that he will come to his house and create a scene as well. These threats have scared both of us and that is the reason why Deepveer and I are reluctant in getting married.

The tarot card reader listened to my concerns patiently and then drew out 5 cards. These 5 cards talked in length about my past, my present, my future, and my dreams and hopes.

The information is confidential hence I cannot share it here, but everything she talked about was accurate and helpful. I felt a sense of relief and a lot of my confusion was cleared after the online tarot reading session.

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The expert tarot card reader provided spiritual remedies to clear the blockages from my love life. She assured me that I will begin to see positive changes within a few weeks.

I left the online tarot reading session with peace in my mind and hope in my heart.

Within a few weeks, Deepveer’s mother called me and gave me confidence that their family will handle all the consequences and that there was nothing to be afraid of. She encouraged me to be strong and start the marriage preparations with or without my brother’s approval.

Deepveer and his family’s support gave me the courage I needed to stand up for myself. I told my brother about my marriage, and for many days he threatened me, verbally abused me, and even disappeared for days. It affected me emotionally but then the words of the tarot reader gave me renewed hope and confidence.

You will get married to Deepveer and live a happy life. I can see that in your stars. But fate is not sealed. If you don’t take active control of your life and show courage then you will lose out on everything. Your brother is unlikely to change hence if you wait for his approval then you will be waiting for a long time. 

Approximately 6 months later Deepveer and I got married in a small and simple ceremony. On my side of the family, it was only my mother. It was a bit hurtful but receiving so much love and positivity from my in-laws made my biggest day easy and happy.

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I sincerely believe that online tarot reading was the changing point in my life. Receiving guidance from a trusted professional make a huge difference. The clarity and understanding I gained from her helped me to take control of my situation and fulfill my dreams.

Note: Jyoti, one of our clients at Holistic Living has submitted her real-life story of online tarot reading. All the information mentioned here is consensual and based on her personal experience. We would like to clarify that every person may have a different experience of online tarot reading based on their issues. The results are subjective and may vary from person to person.

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