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Expert Take On How Online Therapy For OCD Can Free Your From Anxiety

Expert Take On How Online Therapy For OCD Can Free Your From Anxiety

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

Kathy always liked having things in an organized manner, and she has been meticulous about cleanliness. Her friends and family need to be extra alert when they are at Kathy’s house because any change in her furniture or even a bit of mess sends her into a cleaning spree.


Although these could be viewed as signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD, it never bothered Kathy much. She could function well in her daily life except for a few anxiety attacks here and there especially when she had guests coming over.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

However, when COVID-19 happened, Kathy’s need for cleanliness and her paranoia regarding the infection grew so much that she did not even allow her own family members to visit her house. She isolated herself and took extreme measures to ensure that everything that entered her house was thoroughly washed and sanitized.


She washed her hands at least 30 times a day and even after that she worried if her hands were completely clean and germ-free. Her family believed that Kathy’s obsession was due to the pandemic, but even after that when Kathy’s behavior continued, they feared for her health and well-being.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

She refused to go out and insisted that she could work from home. She was even willing to give up on her dream job because of that. She canceled plans and preferred staying in isolation even when the pandemic ended and everything came back to normalcy.


Somewhere Kathy’s thoughts were taking over her life, and affecting her mental health. Finally, her sister decided to intervene and booked an online therapy session for Kathy. She was quiet adamant that Kathy talked to a therapist and despite her protests, she convinced her to take at least one session.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

Kathy confessed to the therapist that she felt exhausted with her own thoughts and obsessive actions, but was helpless because if she did not perform these actions then it led to a lot of anxiety and worry.


After a few sessions of understanding and analyzing Kathy’s present and past, the therapist diagnosed her with OCD.


When Kathy was 16 years old, her father passed away due to a lung infection. Ever since then, she became more cautious and careful about her surroundings. Her father’s death was a traumatic and hurtful experience for Kathy. She had convinced herself that if she had taken better care of him, he would have been still alive.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

All these emotions and beliefs were buried inside her mind, and she had not spoken about them to anybody until now.


Kathy’s case reveals to us that OCD is a complex mental health condition. It is much more than the need to keep everything clean and organized. Having OCD disturbs your mental peace and can even make daily functioning difficult.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

Moreover, symptoms of OCD can aggravate after a traumatic incident, and if the root cause of it is not understood then it could become challenging to manage OCD and prevent it from consuming your whole life.


The expert therapist used techniques of CBT combined with Hypnotherapy to help Kathy resolve her past, and become better at managing her thoughts and actions.


It is interesting to understand how Online Hypnotherapy For OCD works.


OCD involves A) Obsessive Thoughts and B) Compulsive Actions. It all begins in our heads with thoughts like:


What if I catch this disease?


Is the geyser off? My house might blow up. How will I escape the fire? I need to check the geyser again!


Look at this cushion! Not in the right place. I am such a disorganized person. I can’t even keep my house neat.


Why am I thinking about pushing this person? I don’t even know him. What will happen if the train just crashes into him? I am such a bad person. Why am I thinking all this?


These thoughts create anxiety, worry, paranoia, and other disturbing emotions and feelings. As an attempt to feel better, individuals with OCD engage in ritualistic and repetitive actions.


For instance, a person may check their electrical appliances and locks repeatedly even after knowing that they are shut. Or, they may keep washing their hands or even isolate themselves completely. Individuals with OCD often suffer from shame and guilt, and get trapped in the cycle of obsessive thoughts and actions.  

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic practice where a trained therapist helps you to reach a deep sleep state where your subconscious mind is awake and active. According to psychologists, the subconscious mind has a powerful impact on your current thoughts, actions, and choices.


During Hypnotherapy, your mind is highly susceptible to alternative perspectives and suggestions. The trained hypnotherapist uses certain techniques to release negative emotions and thoughts and helps you to build a stronger and positive mindset. 


So, a thought such as- “My environment is contaminated and I am unsafe” will be replaced with “I feel safe and protected”


Moreover, in hypnotherapy, the person also learns how to remain calm and relaxed in the face of triggering situations.


For instance, when someone with OCD begins to have obsessive sexual thoughts, they can learn to breathe deeply and gain better control over their mind rather than letting the thoughts consume them whole.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

Online Hypnotherapy for OCD is an effective tool that helps to identify and address the causes of OCD and equip individuals with better coping skills.


In the case of Kathy, her father’s illness had left a major impact on her, and even though she was not aware of it, the incident continued to trigger her anxiety and worry. It took the form of obsessive thoughts and actions and since it was not regulated on time, it led to a full-blown episode of OCD.


The licensed therapist at Holistic Living, worked with Kathy to resolve the past and practice how to be more grounded in the present reality. Kathy also learned how to identify her triggers and deal with them in more healthy ways.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

By the end of her online hypnotherapy for OCD, Kathy could experience peace of mind, something she had not felt for a very long time. She started going out without any fears and gained better control over her intrusive thoughts and actions. Hypnotherapy was certainly a life-changing decision for Kathy. She never realized the burden she was carrying until she spoke about it to her therapist. She is now living a more fulfilling and happy life.



Living with a mental health condition is difficult and challenging. Only the person experiencing it knows how tough it can get. Nobody wants to live a life where they are constantly caught up in anxiety and worry, but at times we feel helpless and incapable of solving problems on our own.


The good news is that there are treatments available that can help you to understand your concerns better and overcome your issues. Therapy support can provide you with effective solutions and coping skills so that you can learn how to build a happy and healthy life on your own.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

If you are suffering from OCD or any other mental health condition then take a step toward changing your situation. It is time to choose happiness and health rather than letting your problems define your life.


So whenever you are ready to take that step, you can connect with our certified and trusted therapists. You can also opt for our 10-minute free consultation with expert counselors if you have any doubts or questions about hypnotherapy.


Just click on the link to Call/Whatsapp Us. Remember, a beautiful life is not fate, it is a choice.

Online Hypnotherapy For OCD- Holistic Living

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