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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You To Overcome Negative Self-Doubts And Crack The Code To #1 Success

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You To Overcome Negative Self-Doubts And Crack The Code To #1 Success

Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living

Have you ever felt nervous before an interview or meeting someone new for a date? Well, that happens with the best of us. It is natural to have some level of anxiety when you are taking a risk or trying something new. The real problem happens when we fail to overcome self-doubts and lose great opportunities to grow in life.

Aditya is a young man in his late 20s. He is a marketing enthusiast and often have to work overtime to meet his sales target. His seniors are impressed with his problem-solving skills and consider Aditya as a great asset for the company, and that is the reason why he has swiftly climbed the ladder of success. 

His father is proud of the life Aditya is creating for himself, but he confesses that he had no such hope fo Aditya. As a child he used to be a shy kid and extremely introverted. He would refuse to take part in any school activities and the same behaviour continued in his college years. 

“I lived a lot in my head. I would be consumed with fear and negative thoughts about myself. I tried to overcome self-doubts, but my confidence was so bad that I actually believed I was a total loser and good for nothing. My hands would shake every time I tried talking to a girl. It was so bad!”  shares Aditya. 

Aditya’s life took a U-turn after he completed his graduation. He joined a marketing firm but shortly submitted his resignation because he was not able to handle the pressure. He was exhausted of the constant doubts, anxiety and living in fear all the time. 

This humiliation motivated him to take control of his life and find a way to overcome self-doubts and find his own power. 

“I browsed the internet looking for self-help tips and that is when I started reading about Hypnotherapy. I read about the subconscious mind and how it impacts our conscious thoughts, choices and actions. It made a lot of sense to me because I could see the same in my life. 

My fears were so deeply rooted that it was almost automatic and even irrational sometimes. My mind would convince me of worst case scenarios which would not even happen in real life. I wanted good things for my future. I wanted success. That is why I decided to talk to the expert Hypnotherapist at Holistic Living and understand more about Hypnotherapy” talks Aditya. 

On 8th of August 2022 Aditya came to Holistic Living for his Hypnotherapy session. It was the day that changed his whole life. The majority of that credit goes to Aditya because he made the choice to change his life. He made the choice to recognize his dreams and do something to turn them into reality. 

The Hypnotherapist welcomed Aditya with a warm smile and ensured that he felt comfortable and at ease with the process. He patiently cleared all his doubts and understood Aditya’s concerns. 

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In the next session of Hypnotherapy, the therapist used relaxation techniques to help Aditya reach a deep sleep state. This is where your mind shuts off the unnecessary noise and tunes into the subconscious mind. It is a highly aware and focused state of mind. 

The Hypnotherapist asked several questions to gauge the real reason why Aditya finds it difficult to overcome self-doubts and fears. 

Aditya was able to revive one of his core childhood memories during the Hypnotherapy session. He saw that his father was a timid man who could never speak up for himself. He would be insulted, humiliated, and criticized by others but he could never find the courage to take a stand for himself. 

These memories somewhere got fixated in Aditya’s mind and he grew up believing that this is how he will also become one day. This belief was subconscious and hence manifested in subtle and automatic ways. 

Aditya was stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy. His fear of ending up like his father was so strong that he was constantly consumed by these negative thoughts and unknowingly created the reality he was trying to run from. 

In the next sessions of Hypnotherapy, the therapist guided Aditya to accept and confront his fear. Gradually, he helped him to modify his negative beliefs and increased his confidence in himself. 

Overcome Self-Doubts and Recognize Your Inner Strength

“There was a major shift in my perspective. I no longer saw life from that fearful filter. It was like fog had cleared and I could see things clearly. I also felt light in my mind and confident about myself” chimes Aditya. 

Hypnotherapy is all about training your subconscious mind and awakening the power you have always had in you. We can achieve all our dreams and live the life we truly want. Sadly, because of anxiety, stress, overthinking, and societal expectations, we hold ourselves back and kill our own fire. 

Hypnotherapy helped Aditya to recognize the fire that burned within him and what it is like to live life without any fear. He still feels anxious and nervous before taking a risk or embracing new opportunities but his confidence is much more than his fear and it is all because he is now in control of his mind. 

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