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Online Chakra Healing- Does It Really Work?

Online Chakra Healing- Does It Really Work?

Online chakra healing is a powerful spiritual practice that helps you to release emotional blockages, and allow your natural healing energies to flow freely. 


The idea behind online chakra healing is that when our chakras are balanced and energy flows freely through them, we feel healthy and harmonious. However, if there is an imbalance or blockage in any of our chakras, it can affect our overall well-being and lead to various issues.


If you want to understand in detail about the 7 chakras and their impact on your life then read the insightful article (click on the link). It is a perfect beginner’s guide for anyone looking to increase their spiritual knowledge.


In this article, we have covered the incredible journey of Alison and her personal experience of online chakra healing. It is a remarkable story that ignites hope within us and helps to understand the value of love and relationships.



Quotes on healing

A roof over my head, fresh food to eat, and a stable source of income are enough reasons to be grateful for. Yet, there was a strange sense of loneliness within me. I would often look up at the moon, and talk for hours, wondering if I will ever find somebody to love.


My parents filed for a divorce when I was 11 years old. A part of me was relieved to know that I will not have to witness their ugly fights every single day. After their divorce, my life split in two.


I don’t want to complain but listening to your parents crib about their broken marriage is really not a 11-year-old’s idea of fun. I made up my mind that I will move out as soon as I can and never marry a single soul as long as I am alive.


Marriage for me was a synonym for heartbreak, anger, and disappointment. 


At 19 years old I moved out and never looked back. I will be honest here. I could never form an emotional connection with either of my parents. It was simply a formal obligation to call them once every week.


I adapted to whatever life gave me. Somewhere the hardships of my childhood days shaped me into a strong-headed and resilient woman. But at 35 years old, I wonder if my strength was only an illusion that I had created to protect myself from getting hurt and heartbroken.


Relationships had become more like a transaction. It only lasted as long as everything was smooth and easy. The minute there was any tension, I would pack my bags and leave.


I used to believe that if I never get attached to someone then I will probably never feel that hurt and disappointment again.


But here I was, in my lonely apartment, sipping tea and searching for someone to call.


I called someone. A distant friend who was a spiritual healer and had been nagging me to consider the idea of chakra healing. Apparently, there are energy centers in our bodies that influence our thoughts, actions, and choices. When these energy centers or ‘chakras’ are disturbed or blocked it leads to issues in your health, relationships, and just life in general. 


She was convinced that my childhood trauma had created emotional blocks in my heart. These blockages stooped me from opening my heart to love and connection.


I was desperately holding on to any chance of hope I had. I needed faith in my life. I needed something that replenished my soul and look forward to my life.


So here I was, on a video chat with Master Spiritual Healer spilling the secrets of my life like I was talking to a childhood friend. She actually made it easy for me to open up and feel okay with my vulnerability.


Her soothing voice, great listening skills, and unconditional acceptance gave me the courage to finally talk about all the desires and emotions I had buried inside me.


My first session of online chakra healing gave me the confidence and assurance I needed. It ignited a sense of hope within me and a strange excitement that I had never experienced before.


In the next sessions of online chakra healing, the expert healer helped me achieve a deep sense of relaxation and clarity. I learned how to silence my mind chatter and be rooted in the present moment. It was truly a profound experience because I always had a problem staying still and doing nothing.


As I became more receptive to the healing energies, the expert healer tapped into my blocked heart chakra and guided me to make peace with my past, forgive my parents, and, welcome positivity and love into my life.


Let me give you a disclosure here. That sh**t was not easy! It is not easy to confront your pain all over again, but sometimes that is what you need to let go of it once and for all. Breaking my old patterns was challenging. I am grateful that I had the constant support and guidance of my amazing spiritual healer.


Online chakra healing is not a magic workshop that will erase all your pain and bless you with a happy relationship. It is a medium that allows you to tap into your hidden power, and find the strength you need to heal yourself and change your life. 


The beauty of doing the inner healing work is that you no longer have to chase your dreams and desires. When you alleviate your energy field, you naturally attract all the things that are meant for you.


Online chakra healing helped me to be grateful and happy about my current life. Instead of being stuck in my past, I began to experience hope and courage to write a new chapter in my life. 


I understood that running from true connections is not the solution, rather it only causes more pain and loneliness. After online chakra healing, I can feel a shift in my values and perception. I feel connected to those around me and truly enjoy the pleasure of human relationships.

Online chakra healing does not change your life. It is you who has the power to change the narrative and write a brand-new story for yourself. Online chakra healing simply gives you the techniques, support, and guidance you need to unlock your power.

If you would like to explore more about online chakra healing then take a 10-minute Free consultation with an expert master spiritual healer today. Click on the link to connect via Call/WhatsApp. 


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