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11 New Year Resolutions to change your life

11 New Year Resolutions to change your life

Top 11 New Year Resolutions

Let’s admit it: 2020 has been quite an eventful year, be it for the better or worse. The year-long pandemic situation forced all of us to learn to fast adapt to new ways of living our life. Most of us got enough time this year to fulfil some of our dreams like- spend with ourselves or with our families or acquiring new skills etc. However, there are many dreams and goals still, people could not fulfil in 2020.  Deciding on goals to fulfil in a year is akin to establishing the first step towards transforming desires into reality. It helps to ascertain what we wish to achieve in the upcoming year, facilitating one to reach new heights.

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time yet again to set some new years resolutions. These resolutions may constitute any of those unfulfilled desires, changes/improvements in your personal life, overcoming any specific challenges, dropping any of those not so good habits or even learning or acquiring something more in life. It doesn’t matter, how anyone feels about your resolution, as long as you are determined to achieve the goal, it serves your purpose. Let us go over some of the most popular resolutions that people have expressed their desire to follow in the calendar year of New Year Resolutions2021 –

11 New Year Resolutions

Acquire New Skills– The pursuit of learning any of the new skills at a personal or professional level including even cooking, or programming, or crafts, or new sports/game, dance, remains one of the most prevalent New Year resolutions

1. Decide on the desired skills; don’t try to learn too many at once. Pick up one skill at a time, make a schedule to segregate the learning process, and blend it with your daily routine to avoid excessive burden on your mind or body.

2. Learn to Meditate with your family– Meditation aids in attaining mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological stability  Meditation along with family members helps connect with them better, who are otherwise too engrossed in their personal lives to do so.

Determine a day of the week to gather the family members. Consider all their medical conditions to set a suitable meditation period. Don’t force anyone to participate against their will; encourage them slowly but steadily.

3. Gain that Fit Body– A good physique is a much-desired aspect for several individuals. Accordingly, acquiring fitness stands to be a popular New Year resolution.

Don’t overlook your body’s limitations. You can start by adding an extra mile to your daily walk or a few more sets to your work-out routine. Incorporate a holistic approach to your lifestyle for better results.

4. Boost Your Self-Esteem– Feeling good about oneself reflects in one’s work productivity and degree of contribution. Make it your resolution to develop a strong personality uneasily swayed by negative comments.

Start building self-confidence and esteem by complimenting yourself daily in front of the mirror. Praise others and commend their hard work whenever you can to recycle the positive energy. Identify and acknowledge your flaws to overcome them constructively.

5. Explore New Hobbies– The New Year allows you to explore an infinite number of hobbies ranging from fashion, working out, cooking, and self-care.

Decide on interesting activities; slowly start learning them either through the internet or from people practising the same hobby. Don’t invest too much time in one single hobby; spare room for more hobbies.

6. Get to Know Yourself Better– Often, the one to understand you the least is You. Make it your New Year resolution to explore and understand yourself, in terms of preferences, capabilities, skills, limits, and similar aspects.

Start connecting with yourself and writing your daily life, vent suppressed emotions, reflect on past events, and capture memories from your perspective. Indulge in self-care and your hobbies to connect with yourself even on a spiritual level.

7. Gift Yourself a Makeover– Many people wish to start the new year with a completely new look as the physical appearance reflects a person’s psychological state. Some people like to do their own makeover and others even furniture at their home.

Change your looks either by changing your hairstyle or your dressing style to gain a fresh perspective and look the best. Try re-arranging home furniture and give it a give a makeover to your home.

8. Associate With Charity– Several people wish to work towards charitable causes, undertaking volunteer and donation activities as their resolutions.

Associate yourself with non-profit organizations. Donate regularly, no matter how small the amount may be, to various institutions and volunteer at orphanages or animal rescue centres.

9. De-addict by The Therapy– Limiting one’s daily intake of alcohol or tobacco remains a prevalent resolution among many people. However, not many people get successful in doing so …..

Normalize the thought to seek out counselling and therapy as part of the rehabilitation process. Confide in family and close friends and set up a reward system to counter withdrawal symptoms. Always start by lowering your intake before complete cessation to make the entire process organic.

10. Add More Nutrient in Your Diet – Losing weight remains one of the most important resolutions for 2021 due to the weight issues people have started facing due to limited outdoor activities in Pandemic situation throughout the year.

Decide on the amount of weight you want to lose; break down a monthly strategy that begins relatively easily and increases in difficulty. Adopt a holistic lifestyle and consume more nutrient-based and balanced diets.

11. Stay Updated With Current Affairs – The events that transpired in 2020 made us realize the necessity of awareness to avoid similar circumstances. Make it a resolution for 2021 to be up-to-date with the worldly proceedings.

Watch the news and read newspapers regularly. Install reliable news apps and listen to podcasts on your mobile to remain updated. Associate with political knowledge and discuss events with family or with friends online.

New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions have always been a popular topic of all the group discussion and they are akin to a tradition announcing the arrival of a New Year. Establishing resolutions to achieve something new, something more brings a lot more fun to our monotonous everyday lifestyle.

The most interesting aspect of new year’s resolutions is that only a few adhere to the necessary discipline and consistency in their efforts to achieve them. You would definitely find a few of those, who religiously follow their resolutions and make all efforts to fulfil them. Some of them even take Experts’ help to achieve them and make a difference in their life.

Consider incorporating a holistic approach starting this New Year to address your daily requirements and promote a healthier lifestyle. The benefits of holistic living are immense and can be enhanced with several wellness products, coaching sessions, and self-learning assistance. Refer to experts to resolve any of your issues plaguing your mind, body, or soul.

Wishing You All A Very Have a Happy New Year !!

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