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A Psychotherapist Suggests 7 Ways to Overcome Ego

A Psychotherapist Suggests 7 Ways to Overcome Ego

A Psychotherapist Suggests 7 Ways to Overcome Ego

The ego is a sense that separates you from the rest of the world. It demands attention and importance. It is generally a result of a feeling of superiority over

When it is the ego controlling us, we start to see ourselves above others. ‘I’ becomes more important than ‘us’. When we are driven by our egos, we often lose the feelings of love, compassion, selflessness upon which relationships lay their foundations thus causing our relationships with people to fall apart.

Now you cannot completely make the ego get dissolved but there are some things, suggested by our expert psychotherapist that you can do to make sure that it doesn’t rule you!

Tips to Overcome Ego

  1. Give up your need for control:

Learn that you cannot control everything that goes on around you. Surviving in today’s world means that you should be flexible. Aiming for perfection is a good thing but you cannot always be perfect. Let things unfold as they must. Take a breath and just let it pass.overcome ego

  1. Be grateful:

Imagine yourself bagging your dream job. Sure, this will make you feel happy and better than your peers which can feed your ego. In such a situation instead of letting the ego get the best of you, if you take a moment to think about all those people that helped you reach where you are and express your gratitude towards them, you’ll have better control over your ego. Remember, humility is the key.

  1. Don’t compare yourself with others:

Whenever you compare yourself with other people, the ego instigates a feeling of envy. If we happen to fail at something, our ego makes us undermine our self-worth making us feel inferior. If we succeed at whatever we are doing, our ego makes us believe that we are superior and better than others. Your competition should only be with yourself, do not compare to anybody else.

  1. Do not brag about your achievements:

It is really a good thing to have confidence because of your accomplishments. And people will recognize and appreciate them even if you are not boastful about them. No success is permanent, it will all fade away eventually. If you are humble about your accomplishments your ego will remain in check.

  1. Appreciate other’s actions:

Consider that you are the head of a team. Whenever you achieve success, success isn’t all yours. It is in light of the collective efforts of a team. Acknowledge and appreciate their work. Humility is the key, remember?

overcome ego

  1. Take accountability for your actions:

Being responsible for your mistakes and trying to fix them instead of blaming other people for them is a great way to work your ego problems. Apologize whenever you are wrong. Accept your mistakes openly, seek help to fix them.

  1. Listen to other’s opinions:

The feeling of superiority associated with the ego makes you feel too proud to ask for others’ opinions or thoughts. You are so swollen with pride that you often end up losing big battles because of your ego. Don’t let that happen. You are not the best; you cannot know everything so consult other people while making important decisions. In any event that you don’t want to break, you essentially have to bend.

Does your ego come in the way of your work or relationships? Do you often end up losing people and things because you are not willing to compromise?

The first step to dealing with your problems is recognising them. Working on bettering yourself can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. Every day that you try to control your ego, you are one step closer to being a better person. Visiting a professional like a psychotherapist or life coach can be exactly what you need to get started on your wellness journey.

Visit our community wellness platform to get help from our experts.

“When the ego is lost, the limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, and beautiful.”

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