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An Executive Coach Shares 7 Secrets of Goal Setting

An Executive Coach Shares 7 Secrets of Goal Setting

An Executive Coach Shares 7 Secrets of Goal Setting

Goal Setting is an important exercise at the beginning of every important assignment, project, or for that matter at the beginning of the year. While we do our goals setting and planning in a professional environment with the help of an executive coach, we can use these learnings and apply them to our personal goal setting too!

Let me ask you this .. answer honestly to yourself …..Could you spend some exclusive time with yourself in the last few days? could u contemplate over the last year, what all you could achieve? what are the lessons, what could have been done or what all you still need to catch up on or something more you want to do this year?

Here are 7 personal goal setting secrets shared by our expert executive coach!

Personal Goal Setting

Personal Goal setting helps you to think of an overall picture and then help you prioritise what exactly you want to achieve and in what time frame. This exercise helps people to plan those specific tasks, keep a track of progress, and motivates people to do various tasks effectively that they have planned in order to achieve the final aim. Even if it is a small assignment or goal, the goal-setting process will help you to stay focused on the task without any in-between distractions and help you achieve success in the stipulated time frame.

At an early stage of my career, even after graduation from a premier institute, having worked with a few large organisations and staying with a loving family, I was quite confused about what to do next in my life. My mind used to go all over but could not get the clarity on the specific things I wanted in my life. That’s where I got to know about the whole concept of personal goal-setting and that truly helped me to get clarity in my mind and transformed my life.goal

Hence thought of sharing these 7 basic but very important tips of the goal-setting process for everyone benefits here too.

  1. Talk to yourself: I think that one way to keep yourself motivated is to remind yourself of the larger purpose of life. Spend some time with yourself or write a letter to yourself, record the video of your vision, your plans, challenges, your success till the date your learnings, etc.  Spending some time with yourself will definitely help you to get more clarity about life. I had written a motivational letter to myself and it had helped me throughout.
  2. What do YOU want: Figuring out what you want and setting a target for yourself is the most important step in achieving a goal. It will be something big you want to attain, something which you have been dreaming of doing something
  3. Chart out the S.S.S.M.A.R.T goals: Set SMART (Specific, Simple, small, measurable achievable realistic time-bound) Goals and Writing down the everyday tasks that you will have to follow every day. It will keep reminding you what to do and when to do it. Once you have finished doing something, strike it out. It will give you some satisfaction and you will be enthusiastic about performing the next task.
  4. Prioritize: Make a priority list. One person doesn’t need to have only one aim in life. You have to prioritize the goals so that you can work peacefully, otherwise, you will be confused all the time. Prioritizing will help you to work in one direction at a time.
  5. Map out a plan: Create smaller plans. Suppose in the next 10 years, you want to work in a specific company. You will have to create a road that will lead you to work in your dream company. Now, every day you will work to achieve those smaller targets which will finally lead you to achieve that bigger aim in your life. I used to create my goals on an everyday basis and it had helped me in the path of attaining the final aim.
  6. Commit to your goal and be accountable: Commitment helps you to be dedicated. If you already know about your goal, you should recheck with yourself if you are committed to it or not. If you want to do something, your mind should be on it all the time. This will help you to achieve it faster. Ultimately you are responsible for your life and so do of your actions.
  7. Reward yourself: When you have performed a task, you have given efforts and performed hard work. When you reward yourself, you will be satisfied and it will give you motivation. Celebrating your success is very important as it will help you in performing your next task with dedication.

Above mentioned tips have helped me a lot in my earlier years to achieve what I used to decide for every year and am confident that you will do get benefitted from them.goal

Setting clear goals in life is very important to stay focused and keep working effectively towards your dreams. Once you follow the process, you won’t get easily distracted anymore. The key to getting clarity about all these is goal setting and detailed action planning. This Process will not only keeps you motivated but also gives you mental peace. You should remember that you are just one action away from making your life successful. Take that one action today and decide an aim for yourself to make your life a better one this year.

Opportunities are unlimited around all of us .. we just need to take the stock of our own capabilities, skills, resources, personal goals, and prioritise them.

Experts on our community wellness platform can also assist you with your life goal setting exercise across the life dimensions – Fitness, Nutritious Diet, Stress Management, Freedom, Career Directions, Acquiring New Skills or knowledge, Manage Your Finances Better, Building Soulful Relationship or even initiate you on your long pending Spiritual Journey. For your intellectual stimulation, there are several books also available in the Holistic Living wellness store that might help you with different perspectives about life goals.

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