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Living a Minimalist Life: 6 Steps to Get You Started

Living a Minimalist Life: 6 Steps to Get You Started

Talks on living a minimalist life are gaining a lot of gumption these days. So you might ask what does it mean to live a minimalist lifestyle? To answer that we have this blog for you, where you will get to know what a minimalist lifestyle is and steps to get you started.

A minimalist life is all about living with less. It teaches us how with minimal possessions we can be content in our life. It teaches us that happiness does not come from owning more stuff.

Since we all have our mobile phones and laptop with us we are tempted to buy more things since everything is delivered to our home.

Many times we end up buying stuff we would never use. The world today temps us to fall prey to a mindset that tells us  “the more, the merrier,”. But somewhere down the lane, we realize that the more stuff did not bring the thing we were desperately looking for that is happiness and peace. 

Minimalism, when practiced in the right sense and for the right reason, can change your life significantly. So if you want to live a minimalist life here are a few steps for you to kickstart your journey-

Focus on one clean space at a time

Say you read a blog, listen to a podcast, or watch a video on minimalist life and get inspired. So inspired that the very next day you start cleaning, organizing, and throwing away stuff you feel you don’t need. Doing all the things at once will exhaust you mentally and physically. A shift towards living a minimalist lifestyle cannot be made in a day. It will stick with you better when you understand that this transformation will be slow and gradual. 

You can focus on cleaning one room. You can analyze what you really want in this room and what is the purpose of each article kept here. Invest in purchasing timeless pieces when it comes to basic things such as watches, clothes, or shoes.

Keep only essentials

Pick up something randomly from your shelf and ask yourself- when was the last time I used this? Many times you will find that your answer is “I don’t even remember”! 

I know it’s really hard to let things go but most of the time we cram our spaces with things we don’t really use. Donating your stuff is a great idea as it can help someone who truly needs it.

Quality before quantity 

Being a minimalist does not mean you never go shopping. It means you focus on what you really want, you focus on its durability, and you are intentional with your purchase. 

It is better to prepare a list of items you want and then go shopping otherwise we tend to buy more than we need.

Next time you visit an online store and click on the “buy” button just stop for a moment to contemplate and then make your purchase.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Minimalism is not about throwing away stuff that you don’t want(adding trash to the environment). It is about reusing, recycling, and repurposing the things you own. 

We should look back to how our grandparents lived. I remember my grandma converting and repurposing an old cotton saree to a pillow cover, a bag, or a beautiful bedsheet!

Ask yourself -Do I really need this?

I recently went to my sister’s place and found an OTG (Oven Toaster Griller) box lying in her room. I asked her when did she buy it. She told me it’s been months and they haven’t used it once! Later on, she also said to me that I can take it as it is of no use to her! Let’s be honest we all have stuff in our home that we don’t need, that we don’t use anymore.

We always tell ourselves- “maybe sometime in future this will be of use to me”. But that time in the future never appears!


What can be the positive outcome of living a minimalist life?

When you start living a minimalist life you will notice a positive shift in every aspect of your life. Here are a few of the positive outcomes you can expect –

Less financial drain and more savings.

Less time spent on cleaning and organizing unnecessary stuff.

You will be able to focus on relationships more.

It teaches you to value experiences over stuff.

It teaches you about the art of letting go.

It teaches you how you can be grateful for the things you have.

It will add more value, meaning, and purpose to your life.

It will help you to Go Green thereby proving less harmful to the environment.


Are you finding it difficult to get rid of clutter in your life and you are searching for answers? You can get in touch with our wellness experts NOW who will help and guide you through your journey.


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