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How To Use Law Of Attraction to Find Love

How To Use Law Of Attraction to Find Love

Healing Relationship: Attracting Love Back - Law of Attraction Success Story

It’s easier than you think to use the law of attraction to find love. You’ll go through a process, and once you’ve completed it, you’ll be ready to welcome your soulmate into your life. It may appear to be magic, but it is merely how the law of attraction operates.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

While books have been written on how to employ the law of attraction in love, the procedure is straightforward but not always easy. Your energy, expressed through ideas and emotions, acts as a magnet, attracting people and circumstances to you. The law of attraction has two unbreakable rules that cannot be changed.

Rule Number One: You Can’t Make Someone Love You.
The first rule is that you cannot force someone else’s will to bow to yours. God does not meddle with free will because it is a universal rule.

Backfire of Love Spells
If you try to cast a love spell on someone psychologically or otherwise, it will backfire on you. While you may be able to compel someone to bow to your will, it will be a phony love. A love spell is never pure love and never brings the happiness of a genuine soulmate. Don’t deprive yourself of such love and experience.

Setting Your Eyes on Someone
While you may believe someone is your ideal match, trust that the law of attraction will work in your favor. If you approach it honestly and openly, if that person is truly your one-and-only, you will not have to push them to love you. Similarly, if that person is not your soulmate, trust the universe will send you a better one.

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Rule number two is that you must be emotionally well.
The second law of attraction rule is to make yourself whole. You must be emotionally whole to discover your ideal match. If you have emotional blocks that keep you from feeling whole and believe you need to be in a love relationship to feel complete, you will attract someone similar to you.

You will eventually repel any potential new love. Those roadblocks will eventually get in the way of your happily ever after relationship.

Expectations versus Reality
This implies you must prepare to be a whole person capable of sharing your life with another whole person. Adjust your expectations to reflect the fact that no one, including yourself, is flawless.

You, on the other hand, want to be the greatest person you can be, just as your soulmate wants to be their best self. Take care of yourself and make time to care for your well-being. Only then will you be prepared to have and provide that level of wholeness in a relationship.

Step One: Meditate for Self-Discovery.

Self-Discovery Meditation
Self-discovery is the first step toward wholeness. This will demand all of your courage to battle past any emotional anguish and obstacles that are blocking you from discovering your ideal relationship. Meditation can help you work through emotional pain.

Some folks may require the assistance of a therapist.

Discover How to Meditate
Meditation is an excellent instrument for self-discovery and eventual healing, which will prepare the path for a new life with a soulmate by your side. It is entirely up to you which style of meditation you practice. You’ll need to shed a light on any aspects of yourself that may be holding you back from finding your soulmate.

Step Two: Forgiveness Is the Foundation of Healing
Forgiveness is the foundation of healing.
Others can detect the energy emitted by emotional suffering. It has the same impact as two negative magnets’ repelling energy. You may need to forgive yourself instead of or in addition to forgiving someone else.

The most shocking thing you’ll learn once you’ve reached forgiveness is that you’re the one who benefits the most.
Forgiveness isn’t always instant, and it may take repeating every day until you feel the spirit of forgiveness descend on you.
You can face the agony by visualizing scenarios that are holding you emotionally hostage.
Dive deep into the painful areas of yourself and you will emerge on the other side of the anguish. Looking fearlessly at your emotional wound takes a lot of effort, love, and courage.

Step 3: Make a List

Create a List
You’ll know when you’re emotionally whole. It will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. The world will be a brighter and happier place, and you’ll be eager to be a part of it. It’s time to start making a list!

This will be a list of everything you look for in a life partner.
Write down everything that occurs to the mind, no matter how unimportant it may appear.
This is your petition to the Universe, God, or whatever spiritual belief system you follow.

Fourth step: Visualize Your Soulmate
It’s time to envision once you’ve made your request to the universe with your list. She goes on to say that you can picture your soulmate and use the age-old tool of a vision board to attract your ideal match.

Visualization Is Effective
Visualization is the skill of sending out wonderful loving situations into the cosmos for your soulmate to intercept. Thoughts are living entities that produce energy. Visualization is the most effective method for attracting your ideal match.
Spend time each day envisioning many good, pleasant, and loving scenarios involving your soulmate.
Consider your soulmate to be the ideal individual to nourish and support you, but not a specific person.

Allow the universe to deliver you the perfect person rather than telling it who that person is.
When you picture and imagine as much detail as you can, open your heart. Take note of how you feel when you are deeply adored and in love. Allow yourself to feel the emotion.

Imagine yourself wandering along a beach with your soulmate.
Visualize yourself having a romantic supper with your soulmate.
Another situation to consider is spending a full day with your love.
Expect your wish list to be fulfilled and your imaginations to come true.

Using the Law of Attraction to Find Love
After you’ve gone through the process of self-discovery, you may start employing the law of attraction to find love. Don’t waste your time waiting for your love to fall into your lap. Get out there and see what the world has to offer. That’s where the two of you will cross paths.

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