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How Expert Hypnotherapist Can Help You To Forget Your Ex-Lover and Move On In Life

How Expert Hypnotherapist Can Help You To Forget Your Ex-Lover and Move On In Life

Expert Hypnotherapist at Holistic Living.

It had been six months since Hiral ended her 6 years long relationship. By now she thought she should have been over her ex-partner and moved on in life. Sadly, she was even nowhere close to it. 

Every time her phone would ring she hoped it would be him calling. Her mind was constantly playing the past memories and made-up scenarios in her head. She would zone out in the middle of the conversation and had bouts of crying for no reason at all. 

Hiral carried on with her life. She would go to work. She would attend social gatherings (sometimes) but the deep sense of loneliness never left her. 

6 months later Hiral received news that shook her to the core and woke her up to the harsh reality. One of the mutual friends told Hiral that her ex-partner was getting engaged to somebody else. 

“I was infuriated when I heard the news. Here I was crying every day that we could not work out and he had clearly moved on with somebody new. I could not do this to myself anymore and so I decided to get some help” talks Hiral. 

She searched for the nearest therapy clinic and found The Holistic Living-Wellness Studio. She immediately called our counselor and booked the session with the expert Hypnotherapist. 

On that very same day, Hiral visited The Holistic Living and met the expert Hypnotherapist. 

“It is kinda funny because he was not at all how I had expected him to be. I thought he would be this serious man with a pendulum. He was a simple person with the most friendly smile. I could easily open up to him about my past because his aura radiated so much warmth and comfort.” shares Hiral. 

Side note: Endings are never easy. Whether it is the end of a relationship or marriage it takes away a part of you and forces you to begin again. These new beginnings can feel overwhelming and painful. But it is during these days that you need to remember your strength and trust in your ability to create something beautiful for yourself again.

The expert Hypnotherapist took time to understand Hiral’s emotions, needs, and expectations from the therapy. Hiral was stuck in the past and found it physically impossible to move on from her relationship. She was constantly stuck in the loop of the memories and somewhere had convinced herself that she will never be able to move on. 

The expert Hypnotherapist aimed at instilling confidence in Hiral’s mind, freeing herself from nostalgia, and resetting her negative beliefs.

In the next sessions, the expert Hypnotherapist guided Hiral into a deep sleep state. 

“It was a strange experience at first. It was like all my senses were heightened and focused. I was aware of my surroundings but at the same time, I could easily recall memories and feelings that were buried deep inside me. I talked about my ex-partner but I also opened up about the relationship with my father. Somewhere everything was just mixed up into this big ball of sadness which honestly I was not even aware of” says Hiral.

Experience The Power of Hypnotherapy.

The expert Hypnotherapist explained to Hiral how sometimes when we feel too lazy or bored to clean our room we just dump everything inside the cupboard. We feel happy because our room looks clean and we did not even have to do any work. So we keep doing that. We take all the junk and stuff it inside the cupboard and one fine day the cupboard can’t take it anymore and all the junk comes flowing outside. 

We do the same thing with painful and negative emotions. We bury it inside our subconscious mind because it is difficult to deal with them or we simply don’t have the time or energy to sit with them. 

But these emotions still exist within us and sooner or later they will come out in some or the other way. In the case of Hiral, she had denied the emotions of pain, disappointment, guilt, and anger she felt toward her father. She never gave herself the time to heal or accept the broken pieces and so when she suffered from another loss of a precious relationship, it triggered everything she had buried inside and even more. 

The expert Hypnotherapist used his therapeutic techniques to help Hiral find acceptance and peace with the past. Gradually, he even helped her to develop a positive mindset and find the inner confidence to take control of her life and move forward. 

“Nothing changed overnight for me. Even today there are days when I feel low but my mind does not dwell on the misery anymore. I feel a lot more in control of my thoughts and emotions. The expert Hypnotherapist really helped me to let go of my past and become more mindful of my present reality.” says Hiral.

Hiral experienced a profound change in her life and also within herself. She definitely looks more happy and more carefree than the first time she came to Holistic Living. The expert Hypnotherapist applauds Hiral’s courage to ask for support and take active steps to change her life. 

Talk to expert hypnotherapist @ Holistic Living, Chembur, Mumbai, India, Dubai, and London. Call/WhatsApp  9321447981 now to book online Hypnotherapy and build the life of your dreams!

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