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Success Stories: How Past Life Regression Therapy Helped Him To Dissolve His Vow of Poverty and Clear Money Blockages

Success Stories: How Past Life Regression Therapy Helped Him To Dissolve His Vow of Poverty and Clear Money Blockages

This is a real-life experience of past life regression therapy. The actual name of the person has been changed for privacy purposes. The story is shared only after the written consent of the concerned person.

Savings Account: Low balance

Current Account: Low balance

No extra cash in hand, and a ton of bills to pay. For Mohan, his financial crisis would never end. His salary would slip away as soon as it was deposited at the start of the month. 

“There is nothing I did not do to save my money. I would keep a track of my expenses. I invested in these government schemes but we all know the returns are pretty slow and I eventually I would have to take care of my family. 

The strange thing was that despite my qualifications and experience I could never land a well-paying job and when I did for some reason I could not take it. 

I was growing weary of these constant financial blockages. Something needed to be changed otherwise I would be forced to live on the street on whatever minimum wages I was able to gather.”

The world is going through a recession and it comes as no surprise that Mohan was hit by it too. However, something was different about Mohan’s case. 

When he saved a good amount of cash and kept it locked up in his cupboard, it just disappeared all of a sudden. 

When he finally landed a well-paying job he was required to move to his hometown because his father was terminally ill. 

When he invested a chunk of money in the bank, the bank shut down. 

These were not just mere coincidences. There was something in Mohan’s life that was causing these constant blockages and driving him to the edge of poverty. 

“One day when I was scrolling through my LinkedIn, I came across this article on past life regression therapy. It talked about how your previous life’s decisions can affect your present life. I read about this man who had taken an oath of celibacy in his past life and that is why he could not get intimate with any woman.

It sounded crazy but when I read the entire article it made a lot of sense to me. And I could relate to it as well because even in my life I could see these negative patterns that made no sense at all. 

So, I decided to talk to an experienced past life regression therapist. I visited the Holistic Living center and met Mr. Sanjeev.

He is just one of those people who can instantly make you feel comfortable and welcomed. I could easily open up to him and he was very understanding as well. He took time to explain to me about past life regression and patiently answered all my doubts. 

I felt confident that past life regression therapy would help me to clear the money blockages and reset my life in a positive direction.”

The past life regression therapist guided Mohan to one of his previous lives. In that life, he was born into a strict Brahmin family. From a very young age, he was forced to live life as per the orthodox traditions. 

He saw that he was born into an orthodox brahmin family in his past life

When he turned 14 years old, he went on one of his spiritual journeys. There he met a saint who explained to him how gathering wealth in this world only deprives you of pleasures in the next life. He convinced Mohan that earning money was nothing but a sinful act. 

Mohan was thoroughly inspired by this saint and so he decided to follow in his footsteps and take the vow of poverty. 

Vows are often taken with a lot of powerful energies and emotions attached to them. This energy is carried with us in many other lifetimes until we recognize them and consciously take steps to dissolve them.

The same was happening with Mohan. When he had taken the vow of poverty, he made a promise with his soul that he would not break it. The soul contract he made in his past life was causing financial blockages in his current life. 

The past life regression therapist helped Mohan to break free from the vow of poverty and clear the stagnant energies from his current life. 

“I did not see any immediate results after past life regression therapy. Then after a few weeks, I got an interview call from one of the top companies. And guess what? I could successfully crack it without any obstacles. It has been 7 months since I completed the past life regression therapy. Well, my bank balance is definitely not in the millions but I am able to save more money and spend it wisely. 

Past life regression therapy changed my life. It not only cleared the money blockages but also gave me spiritual knowledge and made me realize how important it is to take care of your soul as well. I would totally recommend past life regression therapy for all the right reasons”

Past life regression therapy is a process where the expert PLR therapist guides you to your previous lives. Here you will experience events, emotions, and relationships that hold a key to resolving your current life issues. 

Take a 10-minute FREE consultation with an expert PLR therapist to understand more about past life regression therapy.

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