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Find Happiness Within Yourself in 7 Ways

Find Happiness Within Yourself in 7 Ways

Your guide to Finding Your Happiness Within Yourself

Feeling down? Got the blahs? The quest for happiness is a popular pursuit for many people. Due to varying challenges in each of our personal lives, we find that making a consistent effort to be happy is a task in itself. Researchers have set out to find happiness and what they found is that happiness is not anywhere specifically, it really is inside you and how you live your life.

Do not let your happiness define you, you define your happiness. Happiness can be whatever brings you contentment and ease your mind from all that can consume it. I often used to feel empty and lost. With proper guidance and positive reaffirmations, I was able to develop the self-love that I have today.

The following 7 happiness enhancers will boost your immediate sense of delight.


  1. Treat Yourself Well:

I was once told by my best friend during a very difficult time to wrap myself in a comfortable blanket, make myself a hot tea, or hot chocolate, and keep that blanket wrapped around you and treat yourself well. The comfort of the hot tea and blanket provides warmth and will put your body and mind into a relaxing mode, and hence your brain will release certain chemicals that will give you that comfort and peace. I started doing this every weekend and it was my very first step to internal happiness and bliss.

  1. Find purpose:

Those who believe they are contributing to the well-being of humanity tend to feel better about their lies. The majority of people want to be part of something greater than they are, simply because it is fulfilling. Work towards significant goals, make each step of your progress mean something more than simply material or financial progress. Find your purpose and reason to get out of bed every single day.

  1. Be mindful:

Think mindfully, practice mindfulness in all that you do. Take a walk, even if it is just for 5-10 minutes, take a walk and concentrate on your breath, and the details of your surroundings. Take a break from your to-do lists and your inner conflicts for some time.

  1. Eat healthy:

The first step one should take in making internal improvements is acknowledging your food habits.

Fresh fruits and vegetables will supply you with the necessary vitamins and minerals to energize your body throughout the day, providing your various body systems with oxygen and energy that can hugely impact your overall mood and sense of well-being. Junk food will deplete your energy, and leave you feeling sluggish for the rest of the day. Along with all this healthy eating, keeping hydrated is also very vital.

healing happiness

  1. Exercise:

With a healthy diet comes exercise.  A simple increase in heart rate will boost your endorphins giving you a natural feeling of happiness, and I do believe it is the endorphins that give many avid exercise enthusiasts their momentum for endurance. Physical exercise and the increase in those endorphins can naturally improve mood positivity. Just 20 to 30 minutes each day should keep your spirits high and at par with your endorphin level!

  1. Take a Break from Social Media:

As you are relaxing, you may think to yourself that it is the perfect time to check in on social media, but you might want to try and resist. Keep in mind, this time is about yourself and really not about your friends. It is the time you dedicated entirely to yourself!

Seeing other’s perfectly portrayed lives on social media is enough to bring even the happiest person into a stay-in bed all day slump. If you are feeling depressed or down, avoid social media and watch a comedy or an intriguing drama instead.

  1. Purchase premium products for yourself:

If you are getting a bag of coffee for someone else, you pick out a luxury brand in a nice package, but if you are buying it for yourself, you pick the store brand or another inexpensive option. Quite often we spend money on others but we are cheap with ourselves. The better brand is only a few rupees extra, and every time you use it you are reinforcing to yourself that you are worth more. Choose from the wide range of premium yet affordable products from the Holistic Living Store and pamper yourself on that tiring day.

Experiencing and absorbing moments of happiness has long-term benefits for the brain. Happy experiences and thoughts are capable of growing new neural circuits in your brain. These neural structures provide you with inner strengths such as resilience, gratitude, enthusiasm, and prosperity. So, try these small steps. You will find not only that your happiness quotient rises with every micro-moment of happiness, but also that making yourself happy becomes easier as you practice. You can also schedule an appointment with India’s best life coaches at The Holistic Living. Have a look at their Wellness Academy and Wellness Store for insightful blogs and exclusive products for you and your loved ones.

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