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Cure Body Pain Naturally with 7 Remedies

Cure Body Pain Naturally with 7 Remedies

Say Bye Bye to Body Pains!

Fatigue and cramps can take over soon after any big event such as a family wedding, festive celebrations, or a work presentation gets over. Days and days worth of sleepless nights and pushing ourselves to do just a little bit more each day can add up heaps. I used to suffer from severe neck and shoulder pain from attending hours of online classes.

Other reasons for experiencing body pain are starting a new workout routine, taking your old exercise routine to a new level of intensity, gaining or losing weight. When the muscles and bones are made to work more than their usual capacity, they become sore and stiff, resulting in body pain.

Health conditions ranging from minor ones like fever, common cold, and stress to severe ones like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and hypothyroidism can also lead to body pain.

Do you often find yourself complaining about your back or leg pain? We have got you covered. Try one or a combination of these simple, inexpensive, and even tasty, home remedies for body pain and see what suits your body.

  1. Ginger and turmeric from your kitchen to the rescue.

Scientists have equaled the action of ginger to ibuprofen (a potent painkiller). Ginger helps curtail pain and inflammation in the body. The curcumin present in turmeric has anti-inflammatory, analgesic (painkilling), and healing properties that facilitate relieving body pain. These properties can help in eliminating all sorts of body aches.

The ginger, turmeric tea from Holistic Living helped my grandparents get rid of their joint pain so easily. Try it out for yourself too.

  1. Practice good sleep habits

Getting enough sleep is vital for managing pain and promoting healing. Practice habits that help you get relaxing, adequate sleep. For example, make your bedroom quiet and dark, ban electronics from the bedroom, and establish a daily schedule for going to bed and getting up at the same time.


  1. Vitamins

Your body needs various vitamins to function normally. Deficiencies in vitamins like B1, D, and E can cause nerve and muscle damage, which, in turn, causes muscle weakness and pain

Hence, it is crucial that you include foods rich in these vitamins in your daily diet to steer clear of body aches. You can also consider additional supplements for these vitamins. Choose from the wide variety of vitamins and minerals available at Store- Holistic Living

  1. Healing Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an efficient way to stretch your back, improve the health of muscles and joints, enhance the distribution of healing nutrients through blood circulation, and increase the flexibility of the spine. An ideal time for yoga is early morning—to aid loosen your spine and also reduce stiffness and aches in your back. Our neighbor, Mr. Singhania always complained of having back pain and performing yoga every morning really helped him with the pain Book an appointment with a certified yoga and mindfulness professional now.

  1. Try mindful meditation

Meditation is a great way to boost concentration, release feel-good hormones (endorphins), and decrease anxiety and stress.

Find a quiet, room and meditate for 5 to 10 minutes first thing in the morning. It will also help you clear your thoughts and begin your day on a positive note. You can also try meditating before bedtime or while you take a break from work. Simple breathing exercises like 10 deep, slow breaths in a row are also very effective.

  1. Do cold or hot therapy

When you apply ice on the affected body part, it slows down the nerve impulses in that area in turn relieving pain. Wrap a few ice cubes in a small towel and apply to the area where you have body pain. Cooling gel packs are often used over the affected area.

We have all dipped our feet in warm salt water after a vigorous workout or long trip at some point in our lives. The warmth from the water loosens the knots in tired muscles and addresses the muscle soreness. Take a tub filled with lukewarm water and add a cup full of salt in it and soak the aching body part in the tub.

body pains

  1. Relax with essential oils.

Essential oils are another natural way to relieve pain.

Essential oils are fragrant substances extracted from the petals, stems, roots, and other parts of plants. The oils resulting from this centuries-old technique may improve physical, emotional, and mental peace. Each variety of oil has its own distinctive special scent and advantages. These oils can be used separately or as blends with other oils.

Wrapping up, these are 7 ways you can get rid of your body pain effectively through natural methods. They have helped me in exterminating my body pain. So what are you waiting for?  Do not let body aches stop you from achieving your goals.  Follow these simple yet powerful home remedies for mild body pains and consult a professional if they are very acute.

If you or your loved ones suffer from chronic body pain, consult the trained professionals at Holistic Living.  You can also explore their blog section and wellness store to get your hands on some amazing products to get relief from your pain.

Holistic living’s team of experts will guide you through a series of exercises to help you strengthen your muscles and therefore achieve wellness and peace of mind.


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