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Expert Relationship Counsellor Gives 5 Strategies To Manage Money Matters As A Couple

Expert Relationship Counsellor Gives 5 Strategies To Manage Money Matters As A Couple

“90% of our fights are about money” says 32 years old Saubhagya who lives in a 1BHK apartment with her husband and 11 months old daughter.


Saubhagya is not the only one whose marriage is facing the brunt of financial tension. The expert relationship counsellor at Holistic Living has observed many cases where lack of financial understanding has driven the couple to divorce or separation.


This makes us wonder whether the old saying, ‘love cannot pay bills’ has a ring of truth to it?


In the restless economy where inflation rates are constantly fluctuating and even the basics have become difficult to afford, not to forget the surging cost of education and child rearing, it is quite common for couples to disagree over financial matters.


But what happens when the disagreements turn into bitter fights, conflicts and a dooming sense of regret and helplessness?


In this article we explore evidence-based strategies to navigate financial issues as a couple by Expert Relationship Counsellor at Holistic Living. She has completed her Masters from University of Bath, England, and has an extensive experience in counselling couples and families She lends her exclusive expertise with the only objective that couples learn to build a rock solid and eternal bond of marriage. 


1. Open and Honest Communication

Effective communication is crucial when dealing with financial stress. Couples should create a safe and non-judgmental space where they can openly discuss their financial concerns, goals, and anxieties. Honest and open communication fosters trust and allows both partners to feel heard and supported. It is important to actively listen to each other’s perspectives and find mutually agreeable solutions.


The expert relationship counsellor advises young couples to openly communicate their financial desires, wants and expectations before taking any big step. This will help to gain clarity and better understanding about each other’s money mindset and be well-prepared for the future.

2. Financial Planning and Budgeting

The expert relationship counsellor stresses on the importance developing a comprehensive financial plan and budget together. By setting financial goals, creating a budget, and tracking expenses, couples can gain a better understanding of their financial situation and work collaboratively towards their shared objectives. This process also encourages accountability and teamwork.


Couples who take the time and effort to consistently plan their finances have a more secured and stress-free life ahead. For instance, Rama and Vivek had started investing for their child’s future beforehand. One year after the birth of their child, Vivek’s business took a hit because of COVID-19. Since they had already saved a good amount of money, they did not have to worry too much about the child’s educational and health expenses.


3. Seek Professional Advice

We are intellectual beings. We know and understand the importance of financial planning. Yet, many times we fail to act on our intentions and in retrospect regret not taking control of financial matters on time.


Consulting a financial advisor or an expert relationship counsellor who specializes in financial issues can be highly beneficial as it takes the load from you and provides much-needed clarity and step-by-step solutions.


Professionals can provide objective guidance, offer strategies tailored to the couple’s unique situation, and help manage financial stress. They can also assist in developing healthy financial habits, setting realistic goals, and mediating conflicts that may arise.


4. Prioritize Emotional Connection

Financial stress can strain a relationship, causing emotional distance between partners. It is essential to prioritize emotional connection and maintain a strong foundation of support and love. Engaging in activities that strengthen the emotional bond, such as spending quality time together, engaging in shared hobbies, or expressing gratitude and appreciation, can help couples navigate financial stress with a sense of unity and resilience.


The expert relationship counsellor believes that strong emotional connect is the key to resolving issues and conflicts. Therefore, it is of utmost important that couples continually work on retaining their connection amidst financial stress.


5. Practice Stress Management Techniques

Financial stress can take a toll on mental and emotional well-being. Learning and implementing stress management techniques can help couples better cope with financial pressures.


Expert relationship counsellor suggests strategies like exercise, meditation, deep breathing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce anxiety and promote overall well-being. By managing stress individually and as a couple, partners can approach financial challenges with a clearer mindset and make more rational decisions.


“Remember, every couple’s situation is unique, and these strategies may need to be adapted to fit specific circumstances. The key is to approach financial stress as a team, supporting each other through open communication, shared goals, and emotional connection” advises expert relationship counsellor at Holistic Living.


Navigating financial stress, a couple can be challenging and intimidating, often leading to ugly fights and an unsettling feeling of resentment. Fortunately, with open communication, budget planning, professional guidance and strong emotional connect, couples can learn to tackle money matters effectively.


Money problems has drifted many couples apart, and if you don’t want to be one of them then we strongly recommend seeking the guidance of expert relationship counsellor. The expertise of the relationship counsellor at Holistic Living will help you and your partner to tackle financial stress and build a strong and long-lasting marriage.


At Holistic Living, we are providing 10-minutes Free consultation with top expert relationship counsellors who will help you take well-informed decisions and move toward he right solution.

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