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Life Coach Shares 5 Inspirational Stories

Life Coach Shares 5 Inspirational Stories

Life Coach Shares 5 Inspirational Stories to Help you Achieve Your Dreams!!

Dreamers Never Quit !!

Taking charge of your life always helps you achieve your dreams and keeps you going. Yes, there are many times, you might not feel clear about your long term plans or lack motivation to do so. Sometimes, you may not know how to start and where to start. Developing clarity in your mind and putting the right efforts in the right direction always help to achieve your goals in life. This will make your life worth living and you will never live in anxiety.

As a life coach, I come across so many clients with different histories and vibrant future possibilities.

You know your vision of life, your passion, your dreams, and your goals, so what is it that you are waiting for? Map out a path for yourself in line with your passion and start working towards it. As they say-  life is really very short, don’t think so much, take action now !!

If you are still looking for that clarity on how to proceed or finding it difficult to get any motivation to start, just go through the following life stories on how people took charge of their lives and changed it for good. Here are 5 life experiences of people who despite the challenges they faced, conquered all those issues and achieved what they wanted, and now happy too. If they can achieve their dreams, why can’t you?

1.Excess Weight:

One of my friends, Amrita, is a housewife. She has two children and the youngest one is just a year old. After her last pregnancy, she had gained immense weight and that prompted some more health-related issues. She frequently experienced body pains and had to be in bed for days. Being a housewife, she just used to be busy in managing her home and children. She could not go to the gym or invest time in workouts.

After trying various weight loss techniques, she decided to get up early and go for a one-hour walk everyday morning and evening diligently. She did little modification in her diet, eating habits, and practiced intermittent fasting. Her determination for shedding weight helped her in the journey and she could manage to lose 15 KG within 6 months. Amrita took charge of her life and attained her dream of losing weight and looking fit and young again.

2. Not Required in Present Job:

A few months ago, my best friend’s brother had lost his job as a school teacher due to the Covid-19 pandemic. No other educational institutions were willing to hire teachers and even reducing the salaries of the existing ones. While he was making an effort to get back to his job, one day, he noticed how different E-learning digital platforms were thriving.

So without procrastinating, even for a moment,  he browsed the web a little more and found an online teaching site. Soon he started making educational videos for them. It became a good source of income for him with the potential to multiply his income in long term too. My best friend’s brother overcame the struggles by staying current with his teaching eco system and achieved his dream of becoming a teacher, again.

3. Pandemic Forced To Shut Down Business:

In the time of a worldwide pandemic and lockdown, brick & mortar businesses have endured the most. One of my niece has an apparel fashion boutique store in the metro. She is passionate about fashion and was doing very well for herself before the lock-down. But once the store was closed for sales, and the expenses were increasing, she had no choice but to look for alternative ways to sell her designer apparel.

At that time one of his friends assister her in taking her business online with minimal additional investment. She quickly started her online store and to everyone’s utter surprise, the business regained its fame and started earning more than what it earned before. Thus, never be afraid to try out new things or to take a step out of your comfort zone. Just follow your passion and make the right efforts to achieve your dreams.

4. De-Addiction:

A friend of mine, Tanya, got addicted to drugs and alcohol at a very young age. She went out of the city for college and tried drugs for the first time because it looked ‘cool’. Tanya literally turned into an alcoholic. She would sell illegal items to buy stuff for her own consumption. She lost all her friends and no one would even talk to her. Her grades were awful and the college decided to inform her parents.

Somehow she shared all her ordeals with her parents – her loneliness in the new city, broken friendship, her frustration with the studies etc. Her parents understood the situation and soon Tanya and her parents decided to connect with an Expert Therapist to regain her health. Finally, Tanya was out of that awful situation in a few months, with her sheer determination to come out of that situation, Tanya could transform her life and resumed her studies

5. Insomnia:

Amit, my cousin was suffering from insomnia for the past few months..Reading light fiction had always assisted him with sleeping, however, it was not working anymore. He tried to follow a lot of ways but all efforts ended in vain. Finally, one of his spiritual coaches suggested Amit to try meditation. He was kind enough to guide Amit through all those breathing techniques. For the initial few weeks, Amit could not focus at all but slowly started to get the concept of breathing. Slowly -slowly with the regular practice of 30 minutes morning/evening meditation, he started feeling a lot more positivity and calmness in himself. Soon in a few months, he started getting good sleep too.

dreamsThere is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want, you just need to have patience and make the right efforts in consultation with subject experts as in this incident Amit benefitted from the Expert advice.

Are you still facing some other challenge in life or are you clueless about what to do next in your life? The answer to these questions is to follow your passion, your dreams, and stay focused. We can envision from the above examples that taking charge of life can only help in achieving your dreams. People faced enormous challenges but still managed to step up and attain what they wanted.

You should never lose focus and always strive towards fulfilling your dreams. Don’t pay too much attention to what other people say, always listen to what your mind says. Remember one thing, it is never too late to attain what you want. You are just one decision away from having a totally different life. Just take a step forward for yourself, and this might become your key to happiness!

There are many instances where people lack MOTIVATION and THE WILL to take a step towards their dream. If you are unsure about how to start with your planning, connect with an Expert Life Coach on community wellness platform . These Coaches provide exclusive sessions to guide you through the changed steps you take in your life. Be it your health or your career, experts here provide you guidance with every aspect of your life. For the enhancement of your cognitive abilities, there are various books and guides available at the wellness store.

It’s your life, take charge of it now, follow your passion, achieve your dreams, and be happy  !!


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