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Feeling Lonely This Diwali 2023? Connect With a Certified Therapist and Feel Okay Again

Feeling Lonely This Diwali 2023? Connect With a Certified Therapist and Feel Okay Again

Festivities are a glorious time. Bright lights, amazing food, new clothes, and endless shopping! Hurdled around the dinner table with your friends and family, laughing about the good times and feeling the warmth and love all around you.

But certified therapist at Holistic Living sheds light on a sad truth about this golden period laced with festivities and events. The certified therapist says, “Diwali, Christmas, Eid, and other festivals can bring up the dreaded sense of loneliness for many. It is a time when you are expected to enjoy with your loved ones. However, those who have lost a loved one, or are far away from home, or simply do not have the luxury of friends and family can feel depressed, lonely, and dejected”

The absence of a loved one, either due to death or separation, can intensify feelings of loneliness during the holidays. According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, individuals grieving during the festive season may experience heightened symptoms of depression and isolation.

Naina lost her father due to COVID-19 in 2021. Her father was a traditional man who absolutely loved celebrating Diwali. He would light up the entire house with diyas, and even make his special laddoos.

“Baba would go out of his way to make sure that we celebrated Diwali in grandest ways. He would buy new clothes for us and himself and insisted that the entire house should be cleaned and gave away so much money and gifts that we actually had to scold him!” says Naina with grieving eyes and a proud smile.

For Naina, the pain of her baba’s absence is constant but during Diwali it becomes unbearable.

“In 2022, a few weeks before Diwali I fell miserably sick. Mentally and emotionally I was in a very bad state. I could not eat. I could not sleep. I would just start crying for no reason at all. Small things would irritate me and I just had this unknown anger within me” says Naina.

When Naina could no longer cope with her emotions, she decided to consult a certified therapist. She needed some clarity about her thoughts and feelings. The certified therapist created a safe space for Naina where she could freely talk about her concerns.

“The certified therapist had such a calming aura. I instantly felt at ease and could easily talk about my feelings like I was talking to some childhood friend. The whole process of finally saying everything out loud was therapeutic in itself”

In therapy, Naina discovered the roots of her depression. She missed her baba terribly and at a subconscious level dreaded Diwali because that was the time that brought up so many loving memories with her father. The trauma of losing her father was stuck within her manifesting as anxiety and depression.

The certified therapist helped Naina release the blocked emotions and find the courage to heal from the pain and hurt buried inside her.

“Therapy gave me a new perspective. It helped me celebrate the great spirit of my father instead of dwelling on the pain of losing him. It opened my heart to a new sense of hope and peace”

Diwali 2022 was much better for Naina. She felt the pangs of loneliness but thanks to the certified therapist she was equipped with the strength needed to manage her emotions.

Naina’s story is a poignant reminder of the complex emotions that the holiday season can stir, especially for those who have experienced loss. The festive period, while filled with joy for many, can be a challenging time for those grappling with the absence of a loved one.

The certified therapist at Holistic Living sheds light on the silent struggles that individuals like Naina face during festivities. It’s a time when societal expectations of joy and togetherness can amplify the sense of loneliness for those who have lost someone dear or find themselves distanced from loved ones.

For those grappling with loneliness, loss, or a heavy heart during the celebrations, reaching out to a certified therapist can be an act of profound courage. Just as Naina discovered, sharing your thoughts and feelings with a professional can unravel the knots of sadness and pain, offering a path toward healing and recovery.

Talking to a certified therapist is not a sign of weakness, but a brave step toward understanding, resilience, and strength. In the compassionate space that therapy provides, you may find the support needed to navigate the complex emotions that the festive season can bring. Remember, seeking help is a testament to your inner strength and a commitment to reclaiming joy and connection, even in the face of loneliness.

Your certified therapist is just a call away. Click on this link to connect with the therapist on Call or WhatsApp. Remember, you are not alone! With the right support, you can experience joy and peace in your heart, mind, and life.

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