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Best Hypnotherapist in Chembur, Mumbai

Best Hypnotherapist in Chembur, Mumbai

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal is the best Hypnotherapist in Chembur, Mumbai. He has completed intensive training in Hypnotherapy and accumulated certifications in counseling, couple therapy, and past life regression therapy.

As much as he is lauded for his professional credentials, he is also admired as a humble human being. Mr. Mittal radiates an aura of comfort and understanding. Perhaps that is what truly makes him the best hypnotherapist in Chembur, Mumbai.

Gauravi, a 28 years old woman completed her Hypnotherapy with Mr. Mittal in June 2023. She had recently broken off her 6 years long relationship and found it incredibly difficult to detach herself from the past.

He experienced frequent anxiety attacks which was impacting her work-life as well.

When Gauravi met Mr. Mittal, she looked explicitly sad and dejected. Mentally she had given up hope of moving on from her broken relationship. She was still stuck in the past.

After meeting and talking to Mr. Mittal, she felt a renewed sense of hope slowly creeping up in her heart. By the end of her Hypnotherapy course, she felt like an entirely new woman!

Sanjeev is the best hypnotherapist in Chembur, Mumbai, and even the whole of India. The whole experience of Hypnotherapy was life-changing. I found the confidence and courage to break free from the memories of my past and build a mindset that was focused on my present reality. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Mittal as my guide and therapist” says Gauravi.

Gauravi is one of many clients who found relief, hope, and guidance at Holistic Living.

Mr. Mittal has dealt with various issues including narcissistic abuse, past trauma, karmic debt, marriage troubles, negative energies, soul healing, and more.

He believes in practicing a holistic approach toward life. One cannot separate mind, body, and soul. Only by working on all three of them can true transformation be achieved.

Take the example of Karan and Isha. They visited Holistic Living for marriage counseling. They had repeated issues in their marriage. When things would go smoothly between them, some external factors would start creating problems.

Frustrated and confused, the couple was desperate for a solution.

Mr. Mittal thoroughly analyzed and studied their present problems and past patterns. He then suggested a combination of therapies including counseling, past life therapy, and healing.

Counseling helped them become aware of their unhealthy communication styles and how to build better mutual understanding.

Past life therapy revealed a curse that created repetitive issues in their married life. Through forgiveness and deep healing, the couple was able to break free from the baggage of past lives.

This is how Mr. Mittal helped Karan and Isha get to the root cause of their issues and find their way back to love, friendship, and respect.

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I believe individuals and couples have already won when they decide to take therapy support. It simply shows that they are serious and willing to make their lives and relationships better. It is time we stop feeling weak about asking for support, and embrace the power of togetherness” says Mr. Sajeev Mittal, founder of Holistic Living and one of the top hypnotherapist in Chembur, Mumbai.

Book a 10-minute Free consultation with Mr. Sanjeev Mittal. Call 91-9321073548 or CLICK ON THIS LINK to connect with the best clinical hypnotherapist in Chembur, Mumbai.

Visit the Holistic Living Counselling Centre in Chembur and start your journey toward a happy and healthy life today!

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