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Real Story of Past Life Regression Therapy

Real Story of Past Life Regression Therapy

Online Past life regression therapy is one of the best ways to understand patterns of karma and resolve your karmic debt.

Karma is the consequences of your actions, choices, deeds, and mistakes. When you engage in good actions, you collect good karma. On the other hand, when you continually commit bad deeds without learning your karmic lessons, you accumulate karmic debt which is carried into your next life.

This karmic debt may cause trouble, blockages, and negativity in your present life relationships, health, and financial matters.

Only by being aware of your karmic debt, the origin of it and actively working on dissolving the stuck karma, one can break free from its negative impact.

Past life regression therapy is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with your past lives, discover the root cause of your karmic debt, and understand how to end the cycle so it does not repeat in your present life as well as your next.

Meet Saurabh, a middle-aged man who works in the police force. He shares a troubled relationship with his sister. Since childhood, he found it incredibly difficult to connect with her and as they grew up, the relationship only got worse.

Saurabh’s sister was making his life a living hell. She refused to take care of their ailing mother, shoving all the responsibility on his shoulders. Although Saurabh did not mind looking after his sick mother, he still wished he would get some help from his sister.

Being weary of his sister’s behavior, Saurabh decided to get help. He connected with Mr. Mittal, an expert past life regression therapist and counselor.

It took only 3 sessions for Saurabh to identify the karmic patterns that were repeating in his current life. What he saw during his past life regression therapy was rather shocking and nothing less than a dramatic movie. Yet, it held a profound truth that set him free from the shackles of his past lives.

With the guidance of Mr. Mittal, an expert past life regression therapist in Chembur, Saurabh could see two of his past lives.

In the first life, his sister’s soul had reincarnated as his maid. She had fallen in love with him and had asked him to marry her. When Saurabh refused to do so, she poisoned his food and ended his life.

However, this was not the origin of the unresolved karmic dispute between them. Mr. Mittal could sense that it went way back and guided Saurabh to go to that life where it all started.

Saurabh saw that he was born as a priest. In this life, his sister’s soul was reincarnated as his wife. He was married but had an extramarital affair with another woman. His wife found out about the affair and felt extremely betrayed and hurt by his actions.

The conflict between them remained unresolved in that life and was carried as bad karma in the next lives. Saurabh and his sister kept meeting each other in different lives because they were meant to learn from their actions, practice repentance, forgive each other, and let go of the karmic debt.

Past life regression therapy helped Saurabh to understand unseen lessons of the spiritual realm. With the support of Mr. Mittal, an experienced past life regression therapist in Chembur, he learned that the only way he could improve his relationship with his sister was by resolving the past karmic debt.

In this life, Saurabh received the knowledge and awareness he needed through past life regression therapy. It was now up to him to use this awareness and heal the past karma he shared with his sister.

By healing his relationship with his sister, Saurabh will successfully dissolve the karmic debt and end the negative cycle in his current life.

Bad karma is like junk piling up in your home. If you don’t make an effort to clean the junk, it will start rotting and cause problems in your life.

Cleaning karmic debt and committing to healing requires strength, patience, and perseverance. The support and guidance of an expert past life regression therapist make the process easier and relatively smoother for you.

To understand how past life regression therapy can resolve your current life karmic issues call +91-9321073548 to connect with past life regression experts.

Meet top past life regression therapists at Holistic Living, Chembur, Mumbai. Online past life regression therapy in Dubai, London, New York, and San Francisco.

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