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Prayer for Healing – Using Healing Prayer Cards

Prayer for Healing – Using Healing Prayer Cards


One way to heal your body, mind and spirit is to pray for healing prayer for tinnitus. It sounds silly, I know, but it is one of the fastest, most effective ways to get a quick healing response. I am not going to get into the “how to pray for healing of tinnitus” here, but I will tell you that it is possible to pray for healing and for an increase in your hearing ability. How does one do this?


I was at a church function once and the minister was talking about how Jesus healed all the sicknesses and diseases that people had before he was born. Well, one of the women before me had been brought up Catholic and she could not understand why her father would not give her the Holy Communion. So, she grew up Catholic and started to see that the crucifixion of Jesus was really more of a miracle than what he was doing when he was on the cross. I watched as the minister continued his talk about how Jesus healed all sicknesses and diseases but did not mention praying for the healing of tinnitus. That’s when I decided that I would learn how to pray for the healing of tinnitus myself.


I know that there are some who might see praying for the healing of tinnitus as some kind of pagan activity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The early church fathers put the praying of the saints in with that of the dead so that we have a constant reminder of those who have passed away. In fact, we still use some of the prayers and images that the fathers used so that we can still praise and remember those who have gone on before us. So, if you are going to use any prayer or image from the Bible, chances are that you will be using something that gives you a constant reminder of those who are no longer with us.


When I began learning how to pray for healing of tinnitus, I found that the most beneficial thing for me to do was to incorporate a daily prayer exercise into my life. I found that the most beneficial prayer exercise for me personally was one that would involve my visualization of jesus. For example, whenever I was feeling an ear pain, I would visualize Jesus holding up my ear and healing it. It was really amazing how this visualized image would affect my body on a physical level.


If you are not familiar with how praying for healing works, you can take a class or workshop on this subject. Once you understand how it all works, you will find that it makes a huge difference in your life. I know that it has for me. When I began having ringing and buzzing in my ears, I really wanted to get rid of it. So, I enrolled in a tinnitus classes and spent a couple of days getting a full understanding of the process of praying for healing.


Once I fully understood how healing prayer works, it really made a difference in my overall healing process. For instance, when I was praying for healing of tinnitus, the first thing I would do was visualize Jesus wrapping my ears in prayer for healing. As I continued my visualization for healing of tinnitus, more of my body would start to heal and feel better.


Prayer for healing is a powerful thing. If you are able to pray for healing of tinnitus from the inside out, then you have a very good chance of being healed from an illness or disease that is harming you. Prayer for healing really works, because when you pray, you are begging God to heal you from whatever sickness you may be suffering from on the inside.


The great thing about praying for healing prayer is that if you get the wording of the prayer just right, then you will get the same results as if you used just the name of the Lord. Prayer works, so I would encourage you to get your hands on a prayer card that has the healing prayer on it. When you get the prayer card in front of you, I encourage you to simply take one deep breath and pray for the Lord. You can pray for healing prayer anytime you want.


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