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5 Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts.

5 Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts.

negative thoughts

Many of us spend most of our time in our heads thinking about the future, replaying old events, and generally dwelling on those parts of life that make us feel unsatisfied.

Be aware of how your thoughts can prevent you from enjoying experiences, keep you from focusing on what’s important, or drain your energy. As well as depression, anxiety is linked to them. The good news is, with practice and dedication, you can replace negative thought patterns with ones that help. You can make an immense difference in both your comfort and happiness.

Finding out a reason for your negative thoughts is one of the most important things which you should do. The reason for negative thoughts can be anything. If you are a student then the reason can be your marks, if you are a graduate then your reason can be not getting a job.

The reason can be different but here I have mentioned 5 basic and general ways to overcome negative thoughts. 

1)Take action against negative thoughts. 

Whenever you have a negative thought, stop and evaluate whether it is accurate. Imagine how you would react if your friend spoke in this way about herself. A strong rebuttal to his or her negative view is probably in order. The same logic can be applied to your own thoughts. You may be excessively assuming the worst or blaming yourself for things that didn’t go as planned. Think about other ways that something turned out differently than you expected. These tips will help you the most in overcoming negative thoughts. 

2)Don’t think about negative things for a while. 

We can learn how to separate ourselves from negative thoughts. A good way to do this would be to allow yourself a certain amount of time (perhaps five minutes) to consider the thought. Afterward, move on with your day without focusing on it anymore.

3)Release judgment. 

Everybody judges themselves and others, usually unconsciously. Compared to other people or ideals, we feel dissatisfied when we keep comparing ourselves. It is easy and possible for you to let go of judgment (not an easy task), and you will likely feel more relaxed. Taking a break from judgmental thoughts is as simple as observing your own reaction, observing it, and then letting it go. Another powerful technique is to “positive judge.” When you notice yourself or others being negative, consider their positive qualities, too. Use this technique of not judging others to overcome negative thoughts.

4)Practice gratitude

Gratitude has a big impact on your happiness and positivity levels, according to research. Even when you are experiencing a challenging time in your life, you can usually find things (even small things) to be grateful for. Noticing the things that are going well and making you feel happy will keep you in touch with them. Keeping a gratitude journal and writing a few things in it every day is one easy and effective way to do this. This tip of gratitude will surely help you to overcome negative thoughts.

5)Professional support.

Seek help if you are unable to manage your Negative thoughts or find they are interfering with your ability to meet your daily obligations or enjoy life. Counseling can help you better handle stress and cope with life’s challenges, as well as reduce emotional distress and promote growth.

2 minutes exercise to overcome negative thoughts.

Just remember how amazing you are while doing this two-minute exercise, and you’ll be able to get rid of some of those negative thoughts. You can overcome this. I hope that this meditation will help you to remember those things and to forget whatever it was that made you doubt yourself.


The first step; wake up, get out of that negative space, and realize what you’re doing. When we have these thoughts we don’t even realize what we’re doing to ourselves. You and only you can wake yourself up. Look around you and ground yourself.


Listen to your surroundings, try to zone out of your thoughts, and start to pay attention, what noises can you hear? I listened to the sounds around me, the loud chattering of the tube speeding to its next stop. The birds, the wind, it all helps to make you feel more positive.


Take a deep breath in. Have you noticed that negative voice in your head criticizing you or putting a downer on everything? It happens. We can’t help but be a bit pessimistic sometimes. Breathe in through your nose and take all those thoughts, worries, and feelings into your chest.


Now breathe out through your mouth, gently and slowly, but all those thoughts in the air you’re breathing and expel them into the air. They’re going away. The next breath you take in will be full of positivity and happiness.

It’s your nature to be unlike anyone else. Appreciate what makes you unique. Own up to your weaknesses and move forward. Every one of us has something special to offer, and the world is waiting for you to realize what you were born to do. When you follow these thoughts, positive things automatically come your way and negative ideas, thoughts, and emotions are eliminated.

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