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I Hate My Self Image – It’s Time to Stop Hating Your Self Image and Start Being Strong

I Hate My Self Image – It’s Time to Stop Hating Your Self Image and Start Being Strong


“I hate my self image,” I once wrote to one of my former co-workers. She was hurt and told me, “Don’t you think all of us hate our self image?” I told her not to worry about it. In fact, I told her not to worry about anything else. I told her that I had been through a lot of bad situations when it came to dealing with my own image. And I have been through a lot of bad situations, since then too!


“You do realize that,” I said to her. “You live in a state of constant instability and change. You realize that you dont see a particular situation as good or bad but always in shades of gray.” She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. “How can you say that?,” she asked.


“Because your body acts like a machine,” I replied. “When your thoughts are stuck in a negative frame of mind, your body behaves as though your emotions have caught up with you. You dont see that your low self-esteem is actually a result of your body fat percentage. When you change your thoughts to something more positive and more optimistic about yourself, your body behaves as if its pleased to have you around.”


Now you know why I’m saying all of this. It’s because I’ve been there and done that and it’s working for me. I hate my self image because it stops me from enjoying the world around me and from being happy. It’s keeping me from loving myself and from being the person I am capable of being. It stops me from enjoying all of the things I could be doing right now if only I had a better self image.


So here’s what I mean by a better self image: “image IS your reality” – Tom Venuto. The Science of Getting Ripped. Oh Right Should Have Read His Post More! Why I Didn’t Get This In His Article:


When I got ta start eating healthy again, I didn’t think about my image at all. I just didnt see the point of it. But after I got burned on my moral high ground by somebody who was smarter than I was, who knew what I needed to do to get ripped faster, I started to rethink my whole approach to getting ripped. Who should have noticed I was on a steep path towards being healthier, but apparently I didn’t? So I started to question my self image even more…


The moral of this story: when you dont see the end result you want, or you dont care, or you are too busy focusing on the “now” and not the future, your path toward achieving your goals gets blocked. If you dont believe in yourself, no one will. And your body will respond by slowing down your fast metabolism, which equals weight gain.


So the moral of this story: if you want to be ripped, you need something to work with. You need a proper diet is highly effective at your burning calories at the gym is almost counter productive if you don’t burn the calories that fuels the body’s growth. You need to focus on being healthy and strong. You need a proper diet to help you trim down and stay that way, but you need more than a proper diet to help you along the way.

What You Need to Do To Burn Calories Fast At the Gym – The moral of the story is “stop hate your self image”. You need to focus on being healthy, strong and powerful. And a proper diet to help you along the way!


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