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Is Your Life Ruined By Negative Energies? Do These 4 Healing Remedies To Remove Its Effect and Receive Protection

Is Your Life Ruined By Negative Energies? Do These 4 Healing Remedies To Remove Its Effect and Receive Protection

Vanika could not shake off the tiredness. It was almost as if it was woven in her soul. Her nights were sleepless and her days were sluggish. In retrospect, she realized that this terrible phase helped her to clear negative energies and evolve on a spiritual level.

Negative energies can manifest itself as physical and mental problems. Falling sick frequently, suffering from chronic body pains, excessive fatigue could be signs of negative energy. 

Many people also experience anxiety, depression, worry and overthinking when negative energies are stuck within their mind and body. 

The good news is that it is possible to clear negative energies and even protect yourself from attracting bad vibes.

The expert spiritual healer at Holistic Living shares 5 remedies that can help you to clear negative energies and live a more peaceful and positive life. 

  1. Declutter Your Mind and Space

Whenever Vanika would feel low and anxious her room would be a complete mess. There would be clothes lying all around, a half eaten banana and crumbs of junk food on her bed. 

This is a sign that somewhere you mental peace is disturbed. Even though finding the energy to clean your room could feel like a huge task, you need to get up and clear up your space. This helps to release the negative energies and create a space for more positive ones. 

And not just your physical environment, but also decluttering your mind helps to clear negative energies. 

If you feel overwhelmed by your own thoughts and emotions then take some time out to meditate or spend some time in the nature. 

Movement is very effective in clearing negative energies. So, you could just dance around, or go for a walk and you will see how you just automatically start feeling fresh and energetic. 

  1. Understand What Is Not Aligning With Your Soul

Your soul knows what is right and wrong for you. Negative energies can come from certain situations, people and even your own thoughts as well. 

For instance, Nihal would always feel anxious and uncomfortable around his aunt. Around July 2022, he came to Holistic Living for Past Life Regression Therapy. During the sessions, he saw that in one of his previous lives, the same aunt molested him when he was a child.

Soul is eternal. It stores every memory, feeling and thought from the moment it was born till it reaches its final stage. Nihal’s conscience could feel the negative energy from his aunt even if he was not consciously aware about what had happened between them in the past. 

That is why it is important to raise your awareness and learn how to trust your intuition because that is how your soul tells you what is good for you and what does not serve your best interest. 

  1. Energy Cord Cutting

At times, negative energies could be deeply rooted into your subconscious. This could be because of past traumatic experiences, unresolved karmic debt or someone out there sending negative energies towards you. 

In such cases, it is best to take the guidance of expert spiritual healer. They have the knowledge and the ability to identify the real cause of negative energy and help you detach yourself from it. 

  1. Recognize Your Own Toxicity

“I have been practicing healing for 25 years. In these years I have had so many cases where people only want to blame some external source for their problems and stay in denial of their own habits and behaviors that are creating those problems. 

Our thoughts are extremely powerful. The way you think and believe shapes your reality. So, if you are constantly thinking negatively then don’t be surprised when bad things happen with you. Your thoughts are putting negative energies out there and that is exactly what you will get back. 

That is why I help people to do their shadow work. It is all about changing from within and when you learn how to do that then negative energies will have no effect on you.”

Every one of us experiences negative energies at some point in our lives. If we let it consume us then we are likely to face many health concerns, blockages, toxic relationships and other life issues. 

However, when we see it as an opportunity to change and work on ourselves then the same negative energies can turn into the biggest blessing of our lives. 

In the case of Vanika, the presence of negative energies pushed her to seek energy healing and change her life. 

She says, “My life was okay. I had a stable job and a nice relationship but something still felt missing. Then there came days when I just felt depressed and anxious all the time. That is when I approached the healer at Holistic Living, and oh my god, my life just changed from there. I used to think I was happy but after energy healing I felt a genuine joy and peace within me. Life was okay at first and now it is great!”

Just like Vanika, if your life is plagued by the presence of negative energies then it could be a sign that you need to declutter and cleanse your mind and soul. 

Talk to expert energy healer to clear negative energies and cultivate happiness, positivity and success in your life.

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