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6 Ways to Deal with Anxiety about the World

6 Ways to Deal with Anxiety about the World

6 Ways to Deal with Anxiety about the World

Let’s talk something uncertain about our brains, human brains hate things but something that is also part of nature. We can’t avoid in life yet we often try to control the circumstances and people around us when really; they are never within our control. Today many people are exploring what uncertainty means and they develop anxiety about it. You don’t have to be terrified and let anxiety stop your growth. In fact, you can discover a whole new way of using a part work and stretch yourself in ways you never would have imagined.

We do have the power to make a choice, sometimes it helps to recognise and acknowledge the anxiety, thoughts, moods and actions that no longer serve us well.
Then instead replace them with more helpful, loving and productive thoughts and actions which can really help how we feel through these uncertain times. Not dealing with how you feel, leaves room for them to pop-up again and again.immense uncertainty


6 ways to deal with anxiety about the world:

  1. Reflect.
    Check-in with yourself. Allow yourself to get in touch with how you’re feeling. Reflect both on what’s hard and on what’s still good. Maybe that’s in a journal or through a prayer or a conversation with a friend. Don’t deny how you feel, speaking about how you feel to your friend can help you a lot because they can help you to cope up with your problems also give you a fine solution. It will help you to deal with immense uncertainty.
  2. Make plan
    Planning helps to deal with uncertainty because it gives you back some control. You can’t control everything, but when you make a plan (or multiple plans), you feel more prepared. Feeling more prepared allows you to be in control, which eases that feeling of uncertainty.  It will help you to deal with immense uncertainty.
  3. Yoga to twist out anxiety
    Continuous movement helps to get into a mental and physical flow, it’s almost like meditation. If you do something like sun salutations it feels like a very positive form of exercise which requires you to manage your breathing and feels like you’ve had a good workout. Yoga is a very effective way to deal with uncertainty. It will help you to deal with immense uncertainty.
  4. Give yourself some love
    Don’t forget to show yourself some love. Instead of going back to your old habits and shutting yourself down, free yourself from all the worries. Get into the habit of giving yourself the love that you deserve. The best kind of love is the one that you give yourself. Be compassionate to yourself and others.
    At the end of the day, one thing will remain certain: if you show yourself love and forgive yourself for failing sometimes, immense uncertaintyyou will get everything that you desire.
  5. Don’t force yourself for anything
    There’s no right way to get through a difficult time. Some people get super productive. Others, not so much. Let go of the pressure of other people’s expectations. Take your own time to heal. Don’t compare yourself with others. Just focus on your progress sheet and observe how much better you do from yesterday. It will help you to deal with immense uncertainty.
  6. Move past shame
    Uncertain times mean happening changes in your life that you can’t control. They may mean doing things any other way, in any event, connecting for help — that is essential for being tough, and it’s not something to be embarrassed about. It will help you to deal with immense uncertainty.

You are not alone in this, there are many people around the globe who experience a similar feeling of anxiety, pain and uncertainty. In this way, you are all connected, send them all compassion and wishing them well. Remember this phase may be difficult but it’s temporary.

Change is the most important word this year. Life is constantly moving and changing and knowing why or even how is often beyond our understanding. We must learn to embrace this anxiety and make the most of the only moment we truly have control over – the present.

You can also take help from our experts and coaches on our community wellness platform to deal with immense uncertainty. We also have books related to how to deal with immense uncertainty on our Wellness Store.

Your future entirely depends on the choices you make today. Every choice that you make opens a different way for you. Since there isn’t any way to find out how your choices affect your future, you must learn to take the leap of faith. Sometimes, you just have to trust your intuition and take a risk.
The beauty of life lies in its uncertainty!

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