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Choose the Right Life Coach – 3 Key Factors

Choose the Right Life Coach – 3 Key Factors

Choose the Right Life Coach – 3 Key Factors

These days, a ton of people out there who are coaching, guiding or mentoring people via online platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. “Anyone can become a life coach without certification and quality training”. This is a misconception. A Life coach is someone who analyses your situation, identifies your limits and the challenges you face and designs a customised plan to help you achieve goals in your life. These coaches are not restricted in only counselling, advising, mentoring or a therapist. They are focused on assisting and guiding you in your professional projects and personal goals. 

    At some point in life, we need someone who could show us the right path towards success and happiness. Many great personalities have had life coaches in their life, which has made their life extra-ordinary and worth-living.

   Nowadays, having an online life coach is trending and has many benefits over traditional life coaching. We feel that coaching, when done in person, is more beneficial than online. But on the other hand, sources say that an online life coach is a better option. You are free to choose any coach irrespective of their location, recognition and affordability. You can even compare them online without stepping out of your house. Isn’t that amazing? 

 But how do we find the right coach? How do I know that he/she is the one who can make my life better? 

    Here are some tips for finding the right coach:

1. Expertise of your coach:

Firstly, it is important to know what kind of coach you want for yourself. Find the expert according to the goal you want to achieve. For example, some business-related coaches help you where to invest and where not to, plan out your business model and integrate your energy in achieving a goal which can help your company grow.  

Then you have a personal coach who tells you which career you can choose, what skills you need to improve on, gives you relationship advice and much more. 

And then there are other coaches like children coaches, sports-related coaches, etc. So if you know what you want, then you can search for a life coach online according to the expertise and their area of specialisation. This point will help you a lot in finding Right Life Coach for you.


2. Variety and experienced coaches:

If you are restricting yourself by the thought that how will you share your problems with someone online then you don’t have to worry about it because why would you limit yourself by hiring someone local or mediocre when you can get the best coaches online? You can simply call or ping your life coach at any time. You won’t have to travel right coachlong distances or suffer from bad weather to meet your life coach. Also, an online life coach can save your fuel, travelling costs and most importantly your time. Modern problems have modern solutions! This point will help you a lot in finding Right Coach for you.


3. Talk to your life coach anytime, anywhere:

 Coaches could be located anywhere in the world, so they would be unbiased about local affairs and can suggest better solutions. You can freely talk about your sensitive or personal problems with them without making an eye-contact. Since some people don’t like opening up much, so online coaching could be the best option since you can just text your coach online or video call them. It will help you a lot in finding the right coach for your need.


What should you expect from your life coach? 

These days anyone can call themselves a Life Coach but are they ideal for you, probably not. So before you hire someone, you have to do a little background check on whether they have a qualified degree, certain traits and characteristics, recognition and their quality of work. It will help you a lot in finding the right coach for your need.


Surf on the internet for better coaches:

There are many platforms which can help you find a coach. According to which coaching style you prefer, area of expertise you are looking for, traits and other factors you can find a good coach easily. They have this database where they match your requirements with the coach’s services, then you get shortlisted options. So you can choose anyone you think would be fit for you, which will reduce your load of searching 1000’s of coaches online. It will help you a lot in finding the right coach for your need.


Things you need to be careful of once you are finally hiring a life coach:

   Along with all things mentioned above, your coach should be more than just a motivator. He has to test you at times, confront you without judging you, understand you. He has to clarify all your doubts, no matter how many times you ask him. He should help you broaden your perspective and mould you to become someone better than you were yesterday. Most important, he has to maintain confidentiality. Hope you right coachfind your right coach.


Life coaches help you figure out how to make a living doing what you love, become more confident, assert yourself, and achieve major life goals. When you are choosing a coach, do not let the cost factor decide your coach. Remember the matching intuition, level of frequency and understanding you share. Choose the one you feel is the best for you. In the end, choosing a good fit will value your money and you’ll enjoy the process of coaching easily.

You can also take help from our community wellness platform to find a life coach for you. We also have a Wellness Store where you can find books and other product so you can have a better lifestyle. So, if you find A Life Coach online like this, your life will better than you ever thought and you’ll be happy. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find a life coach today. 

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