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9 Tips to Tackle Sleep Disorders

9 Tips to Tackle Sleep Disorders

9 Tips to Tackle Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders have emerged as a big problem in the modern world. The pandemic has worsened the situation, an abrupt shift in the lifestyle of working professionals has made them vulnerable to sleep disorders.  

Sleep Disorder may haunt people in forms like insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy. Proper diagnosis is very important to determine the line of treatment. 

Go through this blog to understand the causes, symptoms and find tips to tackle your sleep disorder – 

Causes of sleep disorders 

Though the exact causes of various sleep disorders are unknown, there are a variety of conditions that can trigger it, for example –

Symptoms of sleep disorders

  • Performance issues at work
  • difficulty remembering things,
  • feeling irritable and lethargic all day long, 
  • urge to take frequent naps,
  • unable to sleep at the proper time.

Tips to tackle sleep disorders

Create suitable environment

You have to create a suitable environment for getting proper sleep. A suitable environment would involve, quiet surroundings, dim light (or no light), pleasant smell, a cozy bed, and comfy clothes! 

Eating healthy

symptoms of sleep disordersEating healthy and at right time is very important for your sleep. You won’t be able to sleep peacefully if you have skipped your meal, or have indulged in overeating. Eating spicy or oily food can also disturb your sleep. 

Don’t doze off right after you eat, keep, a minimum of 25-40 minutes in hand. If you eat a lot and try to sleep right after that, you may feel nauseous. 

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Limit alcohol intake 

If you suffer from any of the above-mentioned sleep disorders, you must try to limit the alcohol intake as it undermines the quality of your sleep. Research says that, although alcohol may allow you to fall asleep quicker, the effects go away as the body starts working to eliminate the alcohol from its system. 

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is key to good health and wellbeing. If you include exercise in your daily routine you will observe positive changes in your sleep cycle. Any form of exercise like brisk walking, cycling, running, yoga can prove beneficial. 

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Avoid caffeine

If you suffer from sleep disorders you must try to minimize your caffeine intake. Caffeine blocks the very crucial adenosine receptors whose work is to regulate your sleep. 

Avoid long naps

Long naps (above 15 minutes) during the day can hamper your sleep at night. If you are feeling tired and lethargic, take a nap for 5-10 minutes. Set a timer or an alarm so that you do not doze off for long. 

Avoid using electronic devices 

causes of sleep disordersUsing mobile phones and laptops in the bed hampers your sleep. These devices emit blue light which is harmful to our eyes. And the constant exposure also signals your brain to remain active, although it’s time for rest!

Mobile phones also emit radiations that disbalance our biological clocks, so it’s better to keep them as far as possible while you sleep. 

Mental wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing cannot be ignored if you are suffering from any sleep disorder. Our brain and body are interconnected, if you are anxious or depressed you will find it hard to regulate your sleep. So talk to a counselor and share your problems to get out of this vicious cycle. 

Seek help

We don’t have one size fit all solutions for sleep disorders. Different types of disorders will have different treatment options. For a few disorders, therapy might help, while for others you may need to take medications. 

NOTE – Do not consume sleeping pills unless recommended by your doctor.

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