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8 Popular Meditation Techniques You can Choose From

8 Popular Meditation Techniques You can Choose From

8 Popular Meditation Techniques You can Choose From 

Meditation has significant merits for our physical and mental health. There are multiple meditation techniques and they are all equally beneficial. We will make your work easier by listing a few popular meditation techniques to choose from.

Object meditation

object meditation techniqueThe object meditation technique is highly recommended for amateurs as it requires you to focus on an object kept in front of you. The object can be a candle, an image of Shri Yantra, or an image of anyone you have faith in. While doing the meditation, try to keep your gaze soft and let go of your stiff posture. 

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Walking meditation

Walking meditation is also among the relatively easy meditation techniques to practice mindfulness. Find a place, (garden, lane) that isn’t too busy. If you aren’t comfortable outside you can walk indoors. While walking, try to focus on each step, follow the rhythm. Let go of any thoughts that come into your mind and continue to focus on the moment that you usually take for granted. 

Zen meditation

Zen meditation is an ancient (6th century CE)Buddhist meditation technique, that originated in India and is largely practiced in China. This meditation technique requires you to keep your legs crossed(lotus position), eyes gently closed, and regulate your attention inwards. 

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Transcendental meditation 

Popular meditation techniquesThis meditation technique advocated by the Transcendental Meditation Movement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gained popularity around 1960. Such was the impact that it drew the famous English band, Beatles to India. The organization claims that the transcendental meditation technique is a non-religious method that helps in stress reduction, relaxation, and self-growth. 

Apart from other general benefits of meditation, this technique is said to provide physiological benefits like the reduced incidence of heart ailments. 

Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness is a form of meditation that nudges your conscience to cultivate compassion for all living creatures. This technique traces its roots to the Theravada branch of Buddhism. The loving-kindness technique, popularly known by the name Maitri, teaches us to bring sympathy, benevolence, empathy, compassion, friendliness, and goodwill in our meditation practice. 

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Mantra Meditation

The use of mantras is very prominent in Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Mantra meditation technique uses (chanting of) mantras as a tool to release the mind from the clutches of repetitive thought patterns. Many people use mantras to improve the alignment of mind, body, and spirit.  Mantra chanting reverberates positive vibrations in the surrounding. 

To make your practice of chanting mantras easier you can use beads(mala), easily available online these days!

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ancient meditation techniquesVipassana is one of the most ancient meditation techniques. Though originated in India, it was Myanmar that revived and kept the tradition going.  Vipassana uses mindfulness to get in touch with the reality of existence. First, it teaches you to connect with your breath and later expands the awareness towards your body. Practicing Vipassana makes you understand the concept of non-duality and impermanence. 

Chakra Meditation

The idea of the existence of Chakras was first propounded in India. It is said that our body is made of 7 focal points called the Chakras. These points can be understood as energy centers, located at different places within our body. The Chakras are influenced by emotions, memories, and attachments. Sometimes our chakras can become imbalanced, thereby hampering our well-being.

So through chakra meditation techniques, we can bring the balance back to reach our highest potential.  

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