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10 Signs You Are In A Stagnant Relationship.

10 Signs You Are In A Stagnant Relationship.

Stagnant relationshipTo keep a relationship running, a couple must consistently commit time and energy. When this does not happen, the relationship suffers and may reach a point of stagnation.

Of course, every experience is unique, but there are certain recurring patterns in every stalled relationship. The first and most noticeable sensation is that the magic or “spark” has vanished.

A stagnant relationship is one in which the pair no longer feels connected. It is a low point in the couple’s relationship when they believe it has lost its lustre. They’re not sure if they’ll ever feel the same way about each other again.

Here are 10 signs that indicate you are in a stagnant relationship:

1.You do not have fun together. 

Things that you did with your partner were relaxing and fun. But now things have changed. They appear to be neither interesting nor restful. You are dreading spending time with your lover. All you can think about is lounging in bed with your laptop, catching up on shows.

2. You say “I love you,” but you don’t mean it.

You’ve undoubtedly developed the habit of saying ‘love you’ every time you leave the house or hang up the phone. But you know deep down that you don’t mean it, and neither does your spouse.

3. You constantly argue about the same things.

Being in a stagnant relationship indicates that nothing is progressing. It’s almost as if you’re trapped in a loop, and your arguments appear to repeat themselves. This is usually because neither party wants to settle their disputes.

4. You do not confide in each other.

Deep conversations may keep a relationship close and linked. Deep talks, on the other end, are a thing of the past for you and your partner. You avoid extensive chats with each other at all costs, and your conversations are limited to broad subjects.

5. You avoid each other’s families.

Although, at the beginning you disliked their parents, you attempted to be cordial and get along with them at first, but you no longer felt the need to do so. You avoid spending time with their family, and they avoid spending time with yours.

6. You know the relationship will not last.

You can’t foresee a future with them for some inexplicable reason, no matter how hard you try. You accept each day as it comes, knowing that it’s only a matter of time until this relationship falls apart. And you’re alright with it, even if you’re not quite prepared for it.

7. You often question your relationship.

You frequently wonder to yourself, “What was I thinking?” or “What brings us together?” You’re perplexed as to why you’re still together when your spouse seems cold, distant, and aloof. It’s not that you don’t care about them; you do. It’s simply that you don’t feel the same spark you once had.

8. You no longer respect or forgive.

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes, but if your partner, is continuously focusing on the negatives, it may be quite disheartening. Learning to accept each other’s talents and faults with empathy and respect is a part of this process. When this disappears, feeling stuck becomes the norm.

9. There is no longer any sexual closeness.

You and your lover haven’t made love in ages. You don’t even try to get personal in bed. You’d rather stay by your side and have a nice night’s sleep. You haven’t completely lost interest in sex; you just don’t want it with your lover.

10. You are no longer each other’s priority. 

Work and friends are more important to you than your partner. You frequently feel lonely and neglected since your lover no longer values you as much as they previously did. Because of your partner’s actions, you may also feel undesired in the relationship.


If you believe your disagreements are too deep to settle on your own, it is preferable to seek expert assistance. A marriage counsellor can help you get through this difficult time. Problems in a relationship include not simply personal disagreements, but also major difficulties such as adultery, drug abuse, or gambling. A good counsellor can assist you in moving past these challenges and focusing on the long-term viability of your relationship.

Every relationship encounters stagnancy at least once in their lives. The solution is to hold on to your love, work out your disagreements, and commit to making your partnership work. Remember that it will not be easy, but you may frequently reignite the lost spark or transition to a mature, growth-enhancing, new and better relationship.

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