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How to Find Your Passion: 6 Atypical Insights 

How to Find Your Passion: 6 Atypical Insights 

Aren’t you eager to find your passion? Aren’t we all eager for that? We want something to keep us sane in this insane world. Or is it that we desire insanity and fire within us which comes from being steadfastly hooked to one’s passion. Many of us want to move away from the so-called “sane”, monochromatic world and desire to see the world in vivid hues.

If you are someone like me who is wandering like a vagrant with an urge to find your passion this blog is for you. I think we are in the same boat. 

By the end of this blog, we will have as many questions as answers because can there be only a couple of ways to find your passion? I think there are innumerable ways to find that. 

Does suffering propel us towards our passion?

For many including Farida Kahlo, Sylvia Plath it was their pain and grief that propelled them towards their passion.

Frida Kahlo suffered a bus accident at the age of 18 which caused her lifelong pain and medical complications. It is said that it wasn’t until she suffered that fateful bus accident that she began her career as an artist. What does this tell us?

When I say that maybe suffering propels us towards our passion- does that mean I tell you to chase suffering to find your passion? No!

But aren’t we all bound to suffer for one reason or the other? Isn’t suffering an inescapable part of our life? Unless we have attained divinity! That means these people are able to create great pieces of art because they channel their suffering in a way that drives their passion.

The Great Practice Myth

You must have heard about the 21 days or the 10,000 hours rule. It is said that if you practice something for these many days/hours you will be gifted with an outcome that would change your life. But does this rule apply to everything? Does this rule apply when you want to find your passion?

What if you practice something you like, say for a whole year only to find out that this is not your passion?

I think finding passion can be a lifelong journey for some people. Whereas for some others stars may align quickly. 

Seeking the depths

Curiosity, exploration and the thirst to find the depth of human emotions drives passion. This process isn’t easy as it is like jumping into the ocean, you have to face the pressure, you have to endure the pain. Sometimes you have to go against the societal norms to pursue, to give justice to your passion. you can find your passion in the depths

When many of us are busy swimming in the shallow waters( running behind trendy things), they plunge into the depths to explore.

To give you an example-

At the average ocean depth (3,800 meters), pressure on the seafloor is a whopping 380 times greater than it is at the surface.

Are you ready to handle this much pressure and pain? Because Passion does not come cheap.

The “mundane” things

In our world, it isn’t impossible to find people who will search-

What are other people doing? Chasing which passion is in trend? Pursuing which passion will make me famous? 

When things like fast fashion, fast food, fast riches, fast life are in trend your heart might lead you towards mundane things. Things that give you joy. You might find that you are passionate about living a simple life, slow life. You enjoy recycling, reusing your stuff or you like cooking healthy food for everyone.

Pay attention to these little, mundane things because they can be your passion you aren’t just aware of it. 

A passion that could become your career

We desperately wish- What if- “the thing I love doing, the thing I am passionate about becomes my career.” We envy people that get this chance. We also hear that people leave behind their jobs to pursue their passion. But is this possible for everyone? 

The circumstance may force people to stick where they are, to hold on to the unsatisfying job they are doing. We cannot blame them and say “you don’t have the courage” because we don’t know their circumstances entirely. 

In such situations, you can keep exploring and if you have found your passion- make time for it, hold on to it! Keep your weekends, your early morning, or anytime you find suitable to indulge in your passion.

Forget the pomp, the laurels and the fame

If you want to find your passion, you have to keep aside the cheap satisfaction you think you would gain from the fame and laurels. Pursue it because you love it.

If you want to be true to your passion, if you want to genuinely explore, you should be least concerned about how you would benefit and more about what you have to offer.  

Why do we praise passionate people?

We love people who dedicate their lives to their passion because they create things of beauty and wonder, masterpieces of art, they are harbingers of any great civilization. They are least interested in gossips and rumors. We love them because they sprinkle life into those “mundane” things.

If you are someone who is finding it difficult to navigate this alone, you can talk to our expert NOW!

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