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The Spiritual Path to Inner Bliss

The Spiritual Path to Inner Bliss

The spiritual path to experience harmony between Mind, Body & Soul

Once, Mahatma Gandhi was asked, ‘What is happiness according to you?’ Sitting cross-legged, he took a deep breath, exhibiting an aura of serenity as usual, and answered, ‘Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.’ This sentence of sixteen words carries a deeper secret to being happy in all circumstances. Every living entity, be it human or animal, in this material world is hankering after that happiness, that inner bliss in some way or the other… the only way to achieve it is to walk the spiritual path.

We have built wonderful machines, airplanes, rockets, robots, skyscrapers, luxurious residences, electronics, and more that have offered great convenience. Our outer world shines with marvellous innovations, engineering, and mechanism but has these elements ever made us happy? Have they ever even helped us look within? In fact, they have conveniently driven us away from our spiritual path, our inner engineering, from the nature that surrounds us, from the birds that melodiously chirp, from the rivers that incessantly flow, from the ever-filled lakes, and from everything that pre-existed the human inventions.

Being happy or blissful is our natural state. We have been trapped in ignorance for so long that we, unfortunately, do not know the road that leads us to our spiritual path. Just like Hanuman in the Ramayana; although born and blessed with immense strengths, he could not recall them (owing to a curse by sages). He had to be reminded by Jamavanth of his immeasurable strengths and potencies that transcended even those of the strongest man of the world. After he was reminded, he regained his strengths and performed superhuman feats, matchless, and remarkable in history.

We can only experience our natural bliss once there’s harmony mind, body, and soul – which is essential before we head down our spiritual path. Of three, the mind plays an essential role in establishing harmony because it is sandwiched in between the inner world and the outer world. Consider vehicles as your thoughts and the Traffic Policeman as your mind. In the absence of a Traffic Policeman, there will be a massive traffic jam because every vehicle owner wants to go first.  It is only when the Traffic Police performs its duty; there is a smooth flow of vehicles going past each other.

There are two ways to establish harmony between Mind, Body, and Soul and find the beginning of your spiritual path. One is aware of the mind’s nature in relation to the other two and the other is the application of simple healing tips.

Mind’s Nature: In the scriptures, it mentioned that the nature of the mind is unsteady. A person has to control the mind; the mind should not control him. One who controls the mind is called gosvāmī, and one who is controlled by the mind is called go-dāsa, or the servant of the senses. A gosvāmī knows the standard of bliss/happiness. (Source: Vaniquote).

The soul (your real self) is ever joyful. It is brilliantly described by the ancient seers of India as the most powerful, potent, blissful, and all-knowing. It is steady. It must guide the mind and the body. But when it comes to the control of the mind, we fall into an unending pool of stress (mental, emotional, and physical). Once you are aware of your mind’s nature, know that half of your job is done.9*-

The other half is to be done with the help of simple DIY techniques that anyone can do. Following are some of the common but powerful methods that calm down your mind which is the beginning of setting the harmony between the three.

For the Mind:

Stillness: This is a simple method that needs you to sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and think ‘you have nothing to do nor are you attached to anything and anyone.’ Drop every thought and let your mind slow down. Imagine a straight line between your mind, soul, and body. It helps you relax the mind and reboot your mental functioning.

Focus: It includes focusing your mind on an object; a burning candle, a flower, a painting of nature, etc. When your mind digresses from the object, bring it back to the object. It helps you focus your unsteady mind on one thing at a time.

Mindfulness: In this method, you need to be attentive to things or people around you, like in the middle of a conversation, you just have to observe and listen, without letting your mind form definitions of what’s heard. It gives your mind a break from the stress of problem-solving and decision-making.

Meditation: Have you ever tried meditation after an intense physical workout? It greatly helps you stay still and get absorbed in stillness. Your body naturally needs to work and worked on (workout). Once it is satisfied by a workout, it actually relaxed and nimble. As a result, your mind is actually more focused on meditation.

For the Body:

Eating: Your diet plays an essential role in harmonizing the mind, the body, and the soul. When the body is free from diseases, your mind acts optimally and you experience contentment (in the self). It is better to graze instead of hogging. Take five smaller meals per day than 2-3 big meals). It makes you less hungry, more content, and more alert.

Exercise: Daily a 45-minute brisk walk or workout session nourishes your body. Being in motion is one of nature’s laws. Earth rotates. Rivers flow. Rains fall. Flames of a fire soar high. Trees grow. Similarly, your body needs to work out in order to keep it moving and fit and blood circulation is in order.

For the Soul:

Reading good books: Reading books of wisdom and scriptures give what your soul needs. These books are full of moral, positive, and spiritual stories that boost your spiritual quotient.

Associate with self-realized souls: You may associate with those whose spiritual quotient is brilliant. Sing with them devotional songs, dance with them in a devotional mood, eat with them sanctified food (prasadam), and nourish your inner being. This will help you become self-aware, self-restrained, and experience inner bliss which is the innate nature of the soul.

In conclusion, always remember the harmony of Mind, Body, and Soul is the key to finding your spiritual path and starting your journey towards inner bliss. One should harmonize them, not balance them. Because the idea of balancing suggests that everything is equal. But the reality is not everything on our plate is not allotted the same amount of time. On the other side, harmony allows the three of them to be in a blissful state.

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