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7 pillars of Spiritual Healing: In the Valley of Seven Sillies

7 pillars of Spiritual Healing: In the Valley of Seven Sillies

7 pillars of the spiritual journey

7 pillars of Spiritual Healing

When the heat-filled summer goes away, the four months of rainy season promise to undo what those four months of summer did. It drizzles, rains, and downpours. Waters from those dark clouds descend, meet with Earth, and mix with the sand. We call that water muddy. Who likes muddy water? However, the water remains unaffected by such remarks as it knows its own true identity. It’s the mud that’s to be blamed, not the water. Water never loses its true identity of being clear and pure.

Similarly, every element of our life has its own true identity. In the chase of grabbing those material possessions which offer transitory pleasures, we forget the true essence of our selves and the factors that determine our identity. When we ‘regain’ the essence, we lose interest in chasing after things that themselves are temporary. This is the nature of true spiritual healing.

There are seven elements or sillies that if kept intact will bless you with an ever-fresh inspiration. A materialistic mind would call them silly but to an eye that looks beyond the mundane, they are gems. Silly or Gem, they continue to be the inseparable parts of daily life. Some think about them. Most ignore them. This ignorance is what keeps us from true spiritual healing.


MIND: Just like God is the centre of all universal functions of the Cosmos, our mind is the centre of all activities in the body. It is the sitting place for thoughts, emotions, and feelings. By nature, it is active all the time. It produces what it is fed. Reading inspirational books, positive thoughts, good books, meditation will keep it in the right direction.


BODY: Keeping your body fit is as essential as breathing for living in this fast-paced age. Think about an elixir poured into a pot that has a tiny hole at the bottom. The entire life-giving liquid would just leak out. Similarly, your body, along with a thoughtful mind, must be healthy. A simple diet, daily workout, and yoga would keep your mind and body bound in a healthy state.


SOUL: In spirituality, the soul is highly regarded as it is the base of matter (physical body). It is the soul that drives the body internally and externally. We all are souls whose very nature is joy, pleasure, and bliss. When the mind and the body are harmonised, what is experienced in the presence of the soul. That is our constitutional position. Spiritual healing is what will help us harmonise the mind and body.


WORK: To keep, mind, body, senses, heart, and soul in harmony, one needs to work. It is rightly said that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Work splits into three types; routine, professional, and societal. The routine includes your daily household tasks. Professional includes the occupation that helps you earn your daily bread and Societal includes community services. Working in all these spheres gives you inner satisfaction.


RELATIONSHIP: It is aptly said that humans are innately social animals. It is impossible to prosper personally or professionally without the support of others around you. Healthy relationships create healthy souls. Being humble and supportive with your family, friends and office fellows is one of the secrets to be happy with all, all the time. Most relationship issues are resolved when one keeping aside differences opens up and discusses the root causes. 


MONEY/WEALTH: Financial wellness is equally important. We all grew up with piggybanks gifted by our parents in childhood. Money saved at the right time yields a financially secure future. One should spend money wisely but invest in building wealth as well.


LIFESTYLE: Harmony achieved among all the above sillies determines your lifestyle. Your present image reflects what you did in the past. One’s lifestyle should be simple, sensible, and satisfying to the soul. Believe it or not, this too is key to spiritual healing.


When you balance all these seven elements or sillies, you start your journey towards true spiritual healing. You experience complete inner satisfaction. You invite others into the Valley, a valley where one does not find happiness but happiness finds them, a valley…where we all can experience spiritual healing.

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