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Spiritual Healer Explains Why Life Is More Tough For Strong People

Spiritual Healer Explains Why Life Is More Tough For Strong People

The spiritual healer at Holistic Living talks about how life can leave the best of us feeling utterly lost, confused, and helpless. Why do things happen the way they happen? Why do some people easily achieve their dreams while some have to struggle and struggle? Why are some men begging on the streets while some sleep peacefully on their king-sized beds?

In all honesty, such questions can have no answers. In fact, our spiritual healer at Holistic Living believes that such questions should not be asked at all. Life is a journey that looks different for every person. The only sensible thing to do is focus on your journey and thrive toward higher consciousness. 

However, there is no looking away from the fact that life can be more tough for some people. Take the example of two twin sisters who grew up in the same household,  thrived in the same environment, and were surrounded by the same set of people. Yet, one of them is living a comfortable life while the other faces endless struggle every single day. 

In this article, our spiritual healer beautifully explains why life can be tougher for some people in the context of soul journey and karma. So, if you have ever wondered why bad things happen only with you then this article will help you get the answers you are looking for and hopefully change your perspective toward life. 

1.Soul Journey and Personal Growth:

In the concept of the soul journey, life challenges are seen as opportunities for spiritual growth. Some individuals may have chosen a more arduous path in their life planning, opting for experiences that demand resilience, compassion, or a particular virtue. These challenges serve as catalysts for personal and soulful development, providing opportunities to overcome adversity, learn valuable lessons, and evolve toward higher consciousness.

The twin sisters that we talked about previously in this article are named Naina and Joshna. Naina lives in Bangalore with her husband and two children while Joshna lives alone in Delhi. 

In comparison to Naina, Joshna has lived a tough life. She escaped from an abusive marriage, suffered from multiple miscarriages, and currently lives alone in her small apartment. 

Their father passed away at a young age and since then both the sisters have learned the importance of being independent. 

Fortunately for Naina, she found a good life partner who supports her in every way but for Joshna that is not the case. She is 42 years old and works relentlessly to make ends meet. 

Joshna came to Holistic Living because she was utterly depressed with her life. She was a resilient woman but the constant battles had turned her bitter and helpless. 

The counselor at Holistic Living suggested Past Life Regression after hearing Joshna’s life story. PLR would help her understand the reasons for her present life circumstances and gain clarity about what she needs to do to clear the blockages.

In PLR, Joshna confronted many of her past life issues including deep jealousy for her sister in one of her past lives, and her highly impulsive and impatient nature. The PLR Therapist helped Joshna understand that if she wants to change her current life then she needs to change what is buried within her.

The PLR therapist guided Joshna to release the negative emotions and practice patience and faith. The whole process helped Joshna become a much calmer and positive woman. As she worked on achieving personal growth, the negative energies cleared and Joshna started attracting positivity in her life. 

She not only excelled in her career but also found the peace and love she so deeply craved in her relationships. 

“Life will keep testing you until you learn the lesson and consciously practice it in your daily life. In Joshna’s case, her soul journey required her to learn patience and let go of jealousy. Once she realized this and started working on herself, her life automatically started changing” says the spiritual healer at Holistic Living.

So, you see, one of the reasons why life is tougher on some people is so that they can evolve in their soul journey and become better people.

2. Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect:

According to the theory of karma, life challenges are intricately tied to the law of cause and effect. The spiritual healer explains how the actions, intentions, and energy one puts into the world create a karmic balance that influences their present and future experiences.

Individuals may face difficulties in this life due to unresolved karmic imbalances from past actions, either in this lifetime or previous ones.

In this context, the challenges one encounters are not punitive but rather a form of cosmic equilibrium, providing opportunities to learn, balance karmic debts, and progress on their spiritual journey. It’s a way of working through the consequences of past actions and, in doing so, creating a more harmonious future.

3. Individual Choices and Free Will:

While the soul journey and karma contribute to the challenges individuals face, free will also plays a crucial role. The choices one makes in response to life’s difficulties can either perpetuate negative cycles or contribute to positive transformation. 

Free will empower individuals to actively participate in shaping their destinies, redirecting the course of their soul journey through conscious decisions and actions.

When Joshna did Past Life Regression Therapy, she had two choices. She could either continue living the way she did or she could work on the guidance provided by the PLR Therapist and evolve at a personal level.

Her choice to commit to self-growth was a game-changer that not only transferred her life but changed the narrative of her future generations. 

4. Collective Soul Contracts and Lessons:

Some spiritual traditions propose the idea of collective soul contracts, where groups of souls come together to learn specific lessons or contribute to the collective evolution.

In such cases, certain individuals may undergo challenging experiences not just for their personal growth but as part of a larger, interconnected journey that serves the greater good.

5. Transcending Victimhood:

Understanding life challenges within the framework of the soul journey and karma encourages individuals to transcend the role of victims. Instead of viewing difficulties as random or unfair, they should be seen as an opportunity for soul expansion.

“This perspective can foster resilience, acceptance, and a proactive approach to navigating life’s complexities,” says spiritual healer at Holistic Living.

In summary, the idea that life is more challenging for some individuals is intricately woven into the concepts of the soul journey and karma. Embracing these perspectives can provide a framework for understanding the purpose behind life’s difficulties, fostering personal growth, and encouraging a deeper connection to the spiritual dimensions of existence

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