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Scoring High – 7 Ways To Improve Academic Performance

Scoring High – 7 Ways To Improve Academic Performance

Scoring High In Exams is Achievable

Have you got an upcoming test that you want to ace? Do you wish to enhance your grades? Sometimes, the brightest students can find themselves academically underperforming, often through no fault of their own. My younger brother, Akash was quite a bright kid during his school. However, his grades suddenly started dropping in class 9. With proper encouragement, practice, and these 7 tips down his sleeve, he was able to excel in his class 10 board exams.

If this sounds much like you, the first step is to work out the reasons why you may be underperforming, and the next step is to work out how to tackle the problem. If you are unsure of how to go about it, this article shows you what you can do to make an improvement plan to help you attain the grades you know capable of achieving. There are a number of practices that can significantly improve your chances of scoring high on a test. So, read on.

1.Adopt a positive mental attitude:

When you are constantly receiving lower grades than you hoped for, you may start to feel depressed or defeated, and feel like giving up. The primary step on the road to improving your grades is to turn this negativity on its head. Start by mentally taking control of the situation: instead of thinking “I am a failure”, affirm yourself “I can and will do better at this. I am improving slowly each day.” Optimism creates an optimal environment for happiness and positivity influences the success rate of any goal you have. Have a positive future vision. Stay focused and do not forget your real goal which is scoring high in exams.

2.Work on areas where you are falling short:

You need to figure out which areas need targeting before you can draw up a plan of action for scoring high.  Take a look at your grades over the last couple of months and look for patterns. On careful analysis of my grades, I realized that math was the subject that made my overall grades drop. By putting more effort and practice into it, I was able to get my expected grade in the final exams.

Think about the reasons why you are not performing to your full academic potential in the areas you have identified earlier. If the problems are external, you will need to find their solutions so they no longer adversely affect your goal of scoring high; consulting a counselor might help, for instance.

  1. Pay more attention in class:

Pay attention in your classes and focus. The best thing you can do for scoring high test marks is to pay attention and take good notes in class. Letting your mind wander or not showing up at all are both likely to make you miss out on crucial information that will later appear on tests and affect your chance of scoring high.

  1. Start organizing your life:
scoring high
Organize and stick to a plan

Clutter of any kind of distractions like social media that inhibits your ability to operate efficiently. Keep your workspace neat and tidy and all your notes and textbooks organized. Prepare for yourself a daily timetable that incorporates your school schedule, dividing your day into time slots and fitting in plenty of time for studying. Assign some extra time to subjects or topics you have identified as being ones you are struggling with.

  1. Stop procrastinating:

One of the reasons why your grades are falling could be that you are spending too much time procrastinating. The problem is that in doing so, you are delaying the inevitable, as well as making your task worse by eating into the time that could be put in being productive.

  1. Allow plenty of time for revision and give practice tests:

If you’re not scoring high and scoring less than you hoped for on mock exams, it could be because you are not giving enough time for revising your subjects. Practice tests are just as important as real ones. They show you which areas you lack and therefore need to spend more time on, and achieving good grades in them will give you a confidence boost.

  1. Prepare your body well:

Eat right. Eating healthy will generally boost brain performance too, so make sure you follow a healthy diet to help you learn and retain all through school. Sleep well and get enough rest. Note that you go to bed early the night before a test, rather than studying all night. Your brain won’t be able to store all that crammed information anyway. Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated before your test and carry a bottle of water with you to the test as well.

There, you have for yourself all the tips that will enable you in scoring high and master your exams. Stay fit and take care of your health and most importantly enjoy the process of it. Besides your dear friends and teachers, exams are one thing you will miss when you pass college so give all your efforts, have faith in yourself, and apply these 7 ways to top your examinations.

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