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7 Concentration Tips To Help You Regain Focus

Concentration is Key

Concentration is important in anything you do. It encourages you to accomplish your objectives quicker and particularly when you are studying. There are many instances when a friend might call you or there may be a message on your phone. Someone may be watching a show on the television or some guests might be coming over. All these events can redirect your concentration from studies and your objective of the day will not be achieved.

Concentrating while studying is vital because it helps you to learn faster. If you focus and study with complete attention, your memory will improve and you can complete your syllabus faster. It encourages you to adhere to your objective and you won’t get occupied by anything once you start concentrating. I will share some great tips with you all, on how to start focusing and train your mind. When I had difficulty in gathering my attention, I had followed these ways.

  1. Schedule a routine to study:

concentrationI would like to share how setting a routine helped me to focus while studying. Earlier when exams arrived, I used to open a book and start studying. I could not understand when time passed away and was not able to complete anything on time. Then I started to make a routine a day before. This really helped me to concentrate on my studies as I knew beforehand what to study. I was able to focus on all subjects. Thus, you should always make a study routine in the morning, or the night before and stick to it throughout the day.


  1. Put your mobile phone away:

Digital gadgets are known to distract students the most. For example, if there is a message or a call from your friend and you talk to them for even 10 minutes, you will be distracted from your studies. If your mobile phone is anywhere near you, you are likely to open it after every half an hour which disturbs your study cycle. Thus, keeping all the gadgets away will help you to focus while studying.

  1. Take a power nap:

Lack of sleep affects your focus while studying. I got to know about this trick from one of my brother’s friends. He had his examinations knocking on the door but could not focus on studying. He could study the maximum for one hour. I suggested to him to take a day off and plan a sleep cycle and take short naps while studying. This helped him to start fresh every time and increased his efficiency and concentration levels.

  1. Do not focus on only one subject:

Many people have this tendency to study and complete one subject in one day, but this affects the concentration of the person. If you study one subject for 3-4 hours, you start getting bored because no one likes a monotonous way of studying. You should always choose different subjects to study.

  1. Take breaks:

Taking a break does not mean only to eat or bathe or for any such activity. A person cannot study continuously for hours. He needs a break which actually should be considered as his leisure time. Use your mobile phone, or go to play. Watch television or do any activity which you like to do in your free time. This will help you to maintain your concentration level and you will never get bored out of your studies.

  1. Treat yourself:

This might look like an absurd tip but I would first share a life experience with you all. I saw my best friend treating herself every week, not with something very big, but small treats like chocolate or a day off. I was curious and asked her why she did that. She told me that she had obtained this advice from a counselor. This trick helped her to remain focused and motivated throughout. When she completed a week’s or a month’s routine, she treated herself so that she would not lose her concentration and I found this very helpful.

  1. Find yourself an appropriate environment:
Study on a Clear Desk

The environment while studying affects the concentration. For example, if you are trying to focus on your studies in a living room, where your parents are also present, you might not be able to concentrate. But, if you are sitting in your room, at a table, that environment might help you to concentrate on your studies more.

The above-mentioned methods have helped me to regain my concentration while studying. Choosing a specific and calm environment gave me a positive vibe to focus on my goal for the day. Setting a routine helped me to kickstart my day and I also took frequent breaks so that I would not get bored. These ways have proven beneficial for me and you all should surely try these.

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