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Top 7 New Year Resolutions for Effective Parenting

Top 7 New Year Resolutions for Effective Parenting

Are you one of those parents who are always on tows to search for the best ways to support and nurture your child? Here are new year’s resolutions for effective parenting.

Keep up with the changing dynamics

The challenges that your children face today are different than what you faced when you were a kid. So you need to be in sync with the changing dynamics. 

When you stay in touch with trends you will get new parenting ideas.

Create WhatsApp groups, prioritize meetups with other parents and teachers and discuss with them the challenges you face. Work upon finding the solutions and make sure your children get all the required support. 

#1 Resolution for effective parenting- “I am open and receptive to adopting new parenting ideas.”

Selfcare isn’t selfish

I cannot stress enough how important self-care is for everyone. Especially when you are a parent, you have to take good care of yourself otherwise you will be unable to maintain a thriving relationship with your child and your partner.

You have to take care of your mental, physical and emotional well-being first. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup!

#2 Resolution for effective parenting – “I will pay attention to my needs. Selfcare is not selfish.”

The magic of new beginnings

You must have heard parents say in guilt – “I have scolded my child to vent my anger; compared my child with other children so that they stay motivated.”

But these tactics prove harmful for your child’s mental health. And when parents learn this they feel guilty.Resolutions for effective parenting

There are going to be situations where you feel you should have acted differently. But only when you know better, you can perform better. Everyone requires time to learn these lessons. There are always going to be people who are (seemingly) performing better than you as a parent.

You don’t have to panic because you can always start afresh. Always trust the magic of new beginnings. 

#3 Resolution for effective parenting- “I will not compare my parenting journey with anybody else. I will live guilt-free from now on.”

Let the kids experiment 

Your child needs your support for many things but micromanaging your child’s every step isn’t healthy. Coach them to solve problems on their own. 

The children are inherently curious and are experimenting with their surroundings. You just have to ensure that your child is away from danger. There is no need to get anxious and stop them from doing this that won’t cause any harm to them. 

Help preserve your child’s curiosity, don’t kill it! 

#4 Resolution for effective parenting– “I will let my child experiment and explore. I will feed my child’s curiosity.”

While teaching a lesson

Be firm but respectful. Don’t yell, don’t hit your children. Physically/emotionally hurting your child might create lifelong trauma.

There are other ways to teach and make them learn the lesson. Start with- staying calm. Then, use firm but respectful words and gestures. 

#5 Resolution for effective parenting- “I will use words that build up and will refrain from using hurtful words.”

Give space to emotions

It’s important to acknowledge your emotions. Parenting can be a roller coaster ride. 

It is important to understand that all your emotions are valid. All your child’s emotions are valid.

It’s the child’s behavior in relation to particular emotion that you need to manage and not the feeling itself.

Don’t deny, don’t push away, and don’t punish yourself or your child for displaying emotions. Find healthy ways to channelize them.  

#6 Resolution for effective parenting- “I will allow space for all of my(and my child’s) emotions.”

Stop reinforcing gender biases

While purchasing toys for your daughter are you inclined to buy dollhouses, kitchen sets, and stuffed toys and while ordering toys for your son you go for trucks, airplanes, cars and sports kits? 

Rethink your choices because you might be reinforcing gender biases through these little acts. 

Do you often switch roles between you and your partner? Or your child is a witness that only mom does all the cleaning, cooking, and rearing? 

Make sure to demonstrate (through actions) to your child that both mom’s and dad’s work are equally important.

Don’t undermine the work/role of your partner in front of your child.

#7 Resolution for effective parenting- “I will be careful about what I demonstrate in front of my children.”

If you need any kind of support in your parenting journey, feel free to connect with an online relationship expert.


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