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Remove Negative Energy From Your Life With 4 Power-Packed Techniques

Remove Negative Energy From Your Life With 4 Power-Packed Techniques

Negative energy can be difficult to deal with, and sometimes it can feel like there’s not much you can do to remove negative energy from your life.

You may feel as though you’re being swallowed up by a black hole of negativity, leaving your life a shell of its former self. But that does not mean that there is no hope left. There are a number of techniques you can use to remove negative energy from your life. At times these techniques to remove negative energy can feel challenging and difficult to practice without the help and guidance of a trusted healer. 

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to seek the support of a healer when you want to remove negative energy and live a peaceful and happy life.

For some people, these techniques may need to be practiced repeatedly over long periods of time in order to truly have an effect and remove negative energy completely. Even so, these techniques are more than worth the effort for anyone who feels as though their life is plagued by negativity.

What is Negative Energy?

Negative energy can feel like a black cloud is hovering over you all the time. It often creeps into your life, and your heart making you feel empty and defeated from the inside.

Negative energy is closely related to negative emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt or fear. These negative emotions tend to distort the way we feel and see the world around us. They make it difficult to focus on the good things in your life, and creates a reality that is much worse than it actually is.

When we are surrounded with negative energy we even lose hope and strength to find ways to remove negative energy and change your life for good. Therefore, it is important to be aware of signs of negative energy and detect them early on in order to take the necessary step to remove negative energy from its roots.

Moreover, negative energy is not only limited to our emotions and thoughts. Many a times negative energy even comes from certain places, people and past experiences. In such circumstances a healer can help you understand the real reason behind the constant setbacks, failures and stressors in your life and provide safe healing to resolve your issues.

signs of negative energy

Signs of Negative Energy

One of the most common signs of negative energy is frequent health problems. These health issues cannot be explained by any tests or scans and are often unresponsive to medicines or treatments.

Sudden setbacks and failures is another sign of negative energy. If you are the victim of negative energy then it is possible that you would lose out on good opportunities, or all your efforts do not materialize into anything fruitful. You could even experience frequent blockages and difficulties in reaching your goals.

When you are surrounded with negative energy then you are likely to feel depressed and fearful. There could be a sense of hopelessness creeping into your life and nothing about your life excites you anymore. You may also constantly worry or feel paranoid about every little thing in your life.

Negative energy has a great impact on your relationships as well. Constant fights, baseless arguments, and toxic relationships could be a sign that there is a presence of negative energy in your life.

Negative energy tends to create strange events that have no reasonable explanation. For instance, when Ketki shifted to her new home in Vancouver, Canada she began to notice leakages in the walls, frequent electrical shortages in her house and foul smell. For months she tried to fix the ongoing problems at her home but they would never really go away completely. Finally, when she opted for online healing she found out that her house had a stuck negative energy from the past. After doing several healing practices she managed to remove negative energy and from that day on she has not faced any such problems in her home.


4 Ways to Remove Negative Energy in People and Places


1. Trust Your Intuition

Do you ever feel like something is not right but you really cannot put your finger on what exactly it is? That is generally your gut feeling warning you against a possible threat or danger. Of course, that is not always the case. At times our anxiety causes us to overthink and believe in something that is usually not there.

Ways to remove negative energy trust your instincts

However, when this feeling of discomfort persists then it is best to explore it more. I had met a person two years back and the moment I met her something in me just warned me to stay away. I could not really connect with her no matter how much I tried. She turned out to be my husband’s ex fiancé who held strong jealousy and hatred against me. It is really crazy how your soul knows things before they actually even occur!

If you feel like something is off or it is bringing up negative feelings then it is best to take a step back or take a break and gather your thoughts and emotions about it. You can also talk to a healer who can guide you to explore some subconscious memories and help you receive answers to your questions.

You can remove negative energy by being more aware of your feelings, thoughts and emotions and trusting your instincts.

2. Build Your Home According to Vastu Shastra

Prevention is better than cure, and building your home as per the principles of vastu shastra can be a guaranteed way to make sure that you are not stepping into a house that is already prone to negative energies.

A Vastu Shastra expert will guide you about the most suitable location, what type of decor and colours will enhance positivity as well as help you to make necessary changes in order to remove negative energy from your home.

I would never believe in the science of Vastu Shastra if I had not met Aakash. He told me that he and his family used to suffer from a lot of health problems. His children would constantly complain of stomach aches, his wife started having back problems, and even his health was always bad. The treatments only helped for some time, but after that the problems would always come back.

He decided to do a video consultation with a vastu expert who revealed a shocking news that the kitchen was actually built on a demolished prayer room. He recommended to transform the kitchen back to the prayer room. As soon as he followed the guidance of the vastu expert he started noticing positive changes in his home.

His wife recovered from the back injury and even his children’s health became a lot better than before. Vastu Shastra helped him to remove negative energy from his home and restore peace and health.


3. Practice of Lama Fera

Lama Fera is an ancient Buddhist Healing Technique that had originated in the Tibetan land. It is believed to be a highly powerful and effective practice to remove negative energy from relationships, homes, human bodies etc.

Lama Fera uses prayers and chants to revoke the healing energy of Buddha and transfer it into the person, place that is in need of healing. It has the power o heal even the highest level of negative energy, restore peace and prosperity in houses and even provide strong protection from the enemies. The practitioners of Lama Fera claim that it is perhaps one of the safest and most effective practice to remove negative energy.

how to remove negative energy talk to a healer

4. Connect With a Healer

As mentioned before negative energy can affect many aspects of your life including your relationships, homes, finances and health. At times these energies are deeply rooted and could be difficult to remove. Moreover, dealing with high level of negative energies can be dangerous and life threatening.

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A trusted and experienced healer are born with the capacity and abilities to deal with the negative energies and remove them from its roots. They are equipped with many healing practices that can remove negative energy from your home, relationships, and body.

Talk To A Healer To Remove Negative Energy Today!


5. The Power of Colours

Colours can affect your mood, dominate the aura of a place, and even change a person’s personality. One of my family members had tremendous anger issues. She would throw insane amount of tantrums and even get involved in physical violence. In addition to therapy, she even made small but significant changes in her environment. As per the guidance of her healer she painted the walls of her room blue, added more elements of water, and removed the large orange painting that was hung in the centre of her hall.

These impactful changes helped her immensely to control her anger and stay calm. In fact, there has been many research paper dedicated to the importance and effect of colours.

Colours serve as an effective additional technique to remove negative energy.


Your Major Take-Aways

Negative energy can manifest itself in different form and adversely affect your health, relationships, business and finances. It may have an apparent sources but a lot of times it is difficult to understand the reason behind the increasing negativity in your life.

Therefore, it is helpful to become aware and mindful of certain signs that indicate the presence of negative energy in your life, and then take necessary steps to remove negative energy.

It is highly recommended to take action to remove negative energy before it is too late. A healer can provide the best and safest guidance and remove the negative energy that is haunting your life.

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