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How To Maintain Weight Loss: 10 Best Strategies To Keep The Weight Off

How To Maintain Weight Loss: 10 Best Strategies To Keep The Weight Off

How To Maintain Weight Loss?

There’s no getting around it: losing weight is a challenge. But, to main weight loss can feel like an even bigger one.

Once you start dropping pounds, to maintain weight loss habits and continuing to lose fat can be nearly impossible.

The mechanics of calorie counting go out the window and it becomes much harder to keep track of what you are eating.

It is during this period that most people gain back all their lost weight and find it difficult to maintain weight loss.  

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the chances of gaining back the weight you’ve worked so hard to shed. And maintain weight loss journey.

Here are ten strategies that may help you maintain weight loss after bringing it down with diet and exercise.

The best one, however, is consulting your dietician and nutritionist who can design a customized diet plan that suits your needs

Why is it hard to maintain weight loss?

Many people struggle with weight loss for a variety of reasons. However, most of these reasons can be prevented.

While most people achieve initial weight loss from reduced calorie intake and increased physical activity, not everyone is able to sustain this diet and lifestyle change to maintain weight loss.

 In fact, most people cannot maintain the diet and physical activity changes required to lose weight and keep it off long-term. One of the key factors to maintain weight loss is continued consultation with your dietician. Your dietician can help you cope with changes and stick to your desired weight loss. 

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There are many barriers to successful weight loss maintenance, including

(1) difficulty following a reduced-calorie diet

(2) reduced satiety during weight loss

(3) difficulty engaging in regular physical activity

 (4) faulty cognitive/emotional eating patterns

 (5) sociocultural influences that promote regaining weight.

These barriers can be addressed through behavior change strategies, and people can learn how to lose weight and then maintain weight loss

weight loss journey

Be Realistic About How Much You Can Lose

The first thing you should do is to set a realistic goal for how much weight you want to lose. Begin by calculating your body mass index (BMI) to find out if you’re even at a healthy weight to begin with.

 If you are within a normal weight range, then a 10% weight loss (about 15 pounds for someone who weighs 200 pounds) would bring you within the healthy range.

 If you are overweight, then a 10% weight loss would bring you down to a healthier weight.

If you are obese, then a 10% weight loss would bring you down to a slightly overweight level.

Remember that when you’re losing weight, you’re losing both fat and muscle. If you’re very overweight, you may want to aim for a smaller loss of 5% of your starting weight.

When you set realistic weight loss goals it becomes much easier to maintain weight loss and remain consistent with your changes.

Reward Yourself for Staying on Track

While losing weight, you may find that sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan is no walk in the park. However, you should never let the difficulty of these tasks prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

motivation for weight loss

If you find yourself struggling with staying on track, try rewarding yourself once you’ve made it through a difficult patch.

A reward can be anything from a one-hour massage to a new outfit. The important thing is that you use it as a treat to yourself. For example, treat yourself to a new pair of yoga pants after losing 15 pounds.

Reinforcing yourself can be a great way to stay motivated and break the mundane routine. Interval rewards can help you to stick to your weight loss habits so you can maintain weight loss more effectively.

Add in Morning Exercise

best diet tips to maintain weight loss

If you’re trying to maintain weight loss, it is helpful to indulge in activities that keep you energetic and active throughout the day. If you want to maintain weight loss, it is essential to not let laziness get the best of you.

 Adding in a morning exercise routine is a great way to ensure you have these two things. A morning exercise routine can help boost your metabolism, improve your mood, and help maintain muscle mass.

All of these things can be helpful if you are trying to maintain weight loss.

Talk To A Dietician and Nutritionist

If you are serious about losing weight or if you want to maintain weight loss then taking professional help can be the best way to achieve your weight loss goals.

At times we need that extra push or pressure to stay consistent with our weight loss habits. In these busy lives, it gets difficult to stick to healthy eating habits or find time to commit to regular exercise.

As mentioned above, setting a realistic plan to maintain weight loss can help you to go a long way ahead. A certified Dietician will consider many different factors such as your BMI, any past physical or mental problems, and existing allergies and design a diet plan that caters to all these needs.

Talk To A Certified Dietician Today.

Schedule Maintaining Events

We all have busy lives, but when trying to maintain weight loss, you want to be sure to schedule time for eating healthy and exercising.

You can easily let these tasks fall by the wayside when you are busy with work and other obligations.

A great way to ensure that you have time in your schedule to eat healthy and exercise is to schedule these tasks like you would any other event. You can even use your phone to set up recurring events that remind you to do these things.

Let go of the Idea of Perfection

Many people who try to maintain their weight loss feel as though they have to be perfect about everything. However, in reality, there is no such thing as perfect.

 What is important is that you are making healthy choices 80-90% of the time. You don’t have to be perfect to lose weight or maintain weight loss. You just have to be consistent with your healthy choices.

Don’t Rush Back to Eating Healthy Food

There is a fine line between not letting yourself off the hook for minor slip-ups and not letting yourself even try healthy foods.

Let’s say that you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, but you are having a craving for a piece of chocolate cake. You don’t want to rush right back to eating healthy food as soon as you’ve finished the cake. I

Instead, you want to make sure you have time to savor the cake and enjoy eating it. Then, you can go right back to maintaining your healthy eating habits.

Psychology suggests that suppressing all your cravings can have a reverse effect on you. These suppressed cravings simply come back even stronger and make it super difficult to not binge on a humongous amount of junk food.


techniques to maintain weight loss

Your Major Take-Aways

Losing weight is no easy job. There is a lot that goes into your entire journey of weight loss. However, the journey is really a life-long one. Most times people find it difficult to maintain weight loss as they go back to their old ways of eating and living.

What can truly help to maintain weight loss is..

  • Set realistic weight loss goals so you can easily maintain weight loss
  • Reinforce yourself with timely rewards to keep you motivated
  • Maintain an exercise schedule to stay active and energetic throughout the day
  • Consult a dietician who will help you design customized diet plans so you can maintain weight loss
  • Plan your weekly diet and set alarms to remind you of your daily exercise
  • Accept your body and work towards healthy body goals instead of striving for unrealistic body standards
  • Listen to your food cravings now and then

These are proven tips suggested by a well-experienced Dietician to help you maintain weight loss. It is crucial to note that diet plans and tips searched online are effective, but what is even more powerful is seeking customized diet plans designed by a certified dietician that cater perfectly to all your physical needs.

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