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Lama Fera Benefits : How This Healing Practice Can Change Your Life For Good!

Lama Fera Benefits : How This Healing Practice Can Change Your Life For Good!

Lama FeraLama Fera is a technique employed by Tibetan Lamas. This highly powerful Buddhist healing technique is used to remove dark forces (bad energies) from people’s bodies, homes, and other places, as well as to protect them from adversaries. It can even be used for regular healing.

Lama Fera is a two-word combination. Both words are distinct in their meaning and identity. Fera means making it a part of one’s life from the bottom of one’s heart, and Lama signifies a follower of Buddha’s thought.

Lama Fera, in its most basic form, is a Buddhist healing technique that has been practiced since time immemorial. It entails invoking Lord Buddha’s assistance in resolving the issue. In Lama Fera, his healing energy is channeled through the healer to the individual who needs healing. There are a total of 12 symbols to learn.

Though it is a different manner of treating or healing than Psychic Reiki and other healing methods, its symbols have a great deal of ability to treat the greatest level of bad energy.

Immediately following a Lama-Fera session, a practitioner can experience vibrations and see changes in his energy levels. It aids in the clearing of negative energy or issues in business, real estate, health, and other areas. 

It has no side effects or causes any bodily issues. It helps the body’s chemical processes, muscles, bones, and digestive problems, as well as provides strength and radiant vitality.

The symbols used during Lama Fera sessions work on the highest frequencies, removing bad energy from the core in a short amount of time compared to other healing treatments. Lama Fera is an energy healing therapy used in Buddhist monasteries throughout the Himalayas for millennia. 

It can also be employed by non-Buddhists who belong to different communities, as long as they are aware of Lord Buddha, respect him, and are willing to receive healing from him. 

Because the system is usually practiced by Buddhist monks, there were no traditional self-healing procedures for Lama Fera healers at first because it was believed that their spiritual practice takes them beyond the need for emotional and mental healing and that their fellow monks would be available to conduct healing sessions for any physical conditions. Lama Fera healers can now get healing for themselves, if necessary, with a little innovation in approach.

Lama Fera healing does not involve the laying on of hands, unlike most other energy healing systems like Reiki. The healer’s most crucial task is to function as a channel for Lord Buddha so that the healing session can be conducted. 

Lama Fera healing sessions in monasteries are typically shorter than regular Reiki healing sessions, however, the healing sequence is repeated more frequently if one observes the healing sequence. Removes negative energy from the human body, home, and office; solves financial and business problems; and aids in the recovery of diseases.

Lama Fera

11 Amazing Benefits of Lama Fera?

  1. It is the beginning of spiritual growth. Those who are already on a spiritual path can use lama fera healing practices to speed their progress.
  2. It can alleviate mental distress, sorrow, and severe despair. This healing process might provide immediate comfort to someone suffering from anxiety-related difficulties.
  3. It heals chronic diseases, dispels dark forces’ power, purifies the body and soul, protects against evil eyes and bad spirits, and awakens the soul.
  4. Guru Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Kaalsarp Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Pitra Dosha, and other Doshas in the Kundali can all be removed with it. By surpassing Lord Buddha’s good energy, it corrects your planetary system’s path.
  5. It restores the proper balance of your body’s energy and expels all bad energy. Your level of consciousness rises after that.
  6. It can aid in body posture correction and aura enhancement. It also helps with nightmares and PTSD. It gives a mentally troubled individuals temporary relief from their symptoms.
  7. Our physical and mental health is governed by chemical processes within our bodies. Healing with Lema Fera improves all of our body’s chemical processes that allow us to function effectively.
  8. It’s a very powerful way to attain enlightenment and attenuation. The Lama fera healer of master level usually provides the attenuation.
  9. It aids in the improvement of your personality and relationships. It looks after your psychological health.
  10. It strengthens your resolve, assertiveness, and decisiveness. You will get clarity in your cognitive process after receiving a Lama Fera healing session, enabling you to make quick decisions.
  11. It will prepare you to face life’s difficulties. Your personal and professional lives will benefit from this healing.

Lama Fera Healing practice can change your life. Try it and experience the change yourselves here!

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