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Benefits Of EFT Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique

Benefits Of EFT Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT has many powerful benefits. It is a new alternate therapy that is gaining popularity among experts!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as Tapping or Psychological Acupressure is a renowned holistic healing technique to deal with unresolved negative emotions. Experts use this alternative modality for treating a range of issues including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, weight management, limiting beliefs and many more physical, mental and emotional issues. It is done by tapping on different parts of the body that help to balance the energy and reduce the physical and emotional pain.

I came across this therapy a few years ago through a friend of mine. She was facing some serious issues of Post-traumatic Stress aka PTSD. Before coming across the concept of the Emotional Freedom Technique, people gave her many suggestions related to other therapies but every other therapy failed to give her the satisfaction she was looking for.Emotional Freedom Technique Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) therapy helped my friend to get in touch with her inner self and get over her stress. I understood that therapy also helped her tremendously in boosting her self-esteem, reducing anxiety issues, and improved her overall health.

EFT practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific points in your body while focusing on negative emotions or sensations. Tapping helps individuals to calm the nervous system, rewire the brain, and restore the balance and flow of energy in the body.

Organizations such as The Holistic Living, an online community wellness platform to promote 360-degree wellness also connect you with those expert therapists. Emotional Freedom Technique therapists help you to connect with your inner self, remove those limiting beliefs of past and dissolve your negative emotions causing the issues.

I would like to share a few more life experiences, how EFT therapy helped clients to overcome issues like- anxiety, stress, tension, insomnia, self-esteem, fear, addiction, and chronic body pain etc.

  1. Panic attack: One of my friends used to get very uncomfortable in the company of male friends wearing particular colour shirts. She just used to avoid those male friends. And when she narrated her discomfort with me, I could understand that it has to do with some kind of traumatic experience in early childhood. I suggested her to meet one of the EFT practitioners in our panel. Six months ago when I met her again I understood that she got completely healed in just a few sessions along with the therapist. Now She started feeling confident about meeting male friends wearing any colour shirt. Her traumatic experience was completely dissolved from her body with the EFT therapy.
  2. Fear of Traveling by Air: A few years ago, Andrew, a friend of mine spoke to me and mentioned that he has this fear of air travel. He used to get exceptionally uncomfortable and Anxious whenever he had to travel by Air. After understanding his situation I connected him to one of the EFP therapists in our group. Andrew went through about 5 sessions of coaching and tapping over a couple of months. Soon he could dissolve his fear of air travel which was coming from some bad dreams of mid-air plane crash in his early day. When I met him last, after his fear got released completely, he was planning to go on a world tour along with his wife.
  3. Procrastination of work: This friend of mine had her own real estate flourishing business but somehow she developed this habit of procrastinating her business calls. She would get apprehensive and envision them dismissing her before the calls only. When I connected her with an EFT expert and after a couple of sessions, whenever she needed, she started making those business calls effectively. EFT therapy helped her to remain calm before and during the client calls. She learnt to release all her negative apprehensions and became considerably more successful in reaching out to more clients over phone calls.
  4. Addiction: My friend’s young son came to me with his intention of quitting smoking but not able to do so for the last 5 years. Soon I introduced him to an Emotional Freedom Technique expert in my panel and after a few sessions of Emotional Freedom Technique therapy, he learnt to stay comfortable without smoke. And as told by his dad, today even after 7 years he has been without smoke now. Actually, The EFT expert not only helped him to reduce the cravings but also resolved his anxiety, which was the main cause he began smoking in the first place.Emotional Freedom Technique
  5. Chronic body pain: This elder Sister of my best friend once confided into me that she was having little pain in her lower body for the last few years and it was getting unbearable day by day. She had already consulted many experts but no one could detect the actual reason for pain. Somehow her conversation made me feel that she has some kind of unpleasant emotional hidden deep inside her and so I referred her to an Emotional Freedom Technique therapist in the panel.

While going through few Tapping sessions along with the therapist, she spoke about her annoyance and suppressed anger on her parents of not letting her pursue the field of her own interest. She had a very strong negative feeling against her parents, which finally got released in a few more sessions. During those sessions, her pain got subsided drastically and completely gone in a few months.

The Holistic living, platform is perfect to book such group therapy sessions at the most reasonable consulting charges. It also provides you with the option to book one to one exclusive appointment with the Emotional Freedom Technique experts.

I noticed that the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Tapping ) is a very effective modality. It helps you in connecting with your inner self and dissolves any unresolved negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, fear, addiction, and low self-esteem etc. I believe there is a strong connection of emotions to your health, success, and overall wellbeing. Once we understand that connection, we can resolve all our mental, emotional, and even physical issues and an Emotional Freedom Technique therapist just helps you in doing that.

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